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  1. Hey ! Would it be possible to add an option to hide the labels/buttons backgrounds? Even if a select a grey/black background, they're not almost the same color and you can still see them.
  2. Yes, but that's exactly what I DON'T want it to do. My point is exactly that I think it should NOT do that, but it should shuffle only albums and not the songs inside those albums ! That's my whole point: I think that the fact it shuffles categories AND songs no matter what is not coherent. That's why my proposal is to match the behavior of the shuffle button with the viewed category, or at least making the behavior of the shuffle button at the top of lists customizable. Yes, I could do that (and that's what I do), but that's an extra step induced by an arbitrary choice to make the shuffle button always trigger the "shuffle songs and categories" mode. But there are 4 modes, so the user should at least be able to choose what mode the shuffle button should trigger. If supposing Max is planning to add a long-press option for this button (as you said in your first answer), it would solve that issue (maybe then it should save the last selected mode, so we won't need to long-pess each time when we always use the same mode)
  3. Do you have the main background option activated in the main Poweramp settings? If yes then I see your point, but that's not really a bug though, as I understand this option is not intended to stay activated with this theme. But I guess the color of the bottom bar could be handled separately in the now playing screen than when in the library like in other themes, so it would resolve your issue.
  4. No. Forget the repeat option, that's not what we're talking about. My point is that when you press the shuffle button at the top of a list, the activated shuffle mode is ALWAYS "songs and categories" no matter if you're in the albums list, or the artists list, or the all songs list, in the library. But if for example I press the shuffle button at the top of the album list in the library, I find no reason that it shuffles "songs and categories". It would be more coherent that it shuffles categories only.
  5. @Jaded Scorpion If you select "Transparent" in the options for the bottom bar, why do you expect it to not be transparent ? Just select another option.
  6. @maxmp, I just send you logs. It happened just after I launched a manual scan (so @MotleyG, disabling auto scan is unfortunately not a solution 😞 ), not so long after I put a new folder into my SD card. I copied the folder from a local network drive to my SD card so I haven't disconnected my SD card and I was without any issue accessing my SD card through my phone file manager just before that. It stopped what I was listening to. Also, as I have a lot of songs, each time it takes 4-5 minutes for PA to "rebuilt" the library so I have to wait that time before I can listen to anything.
  7. That's very unlikely as I reinstalled another player because of this problem (I use Poweramp for almost as long as it exists, I really don't want to use another player in the long term, but I had to find a temporary solution as especially at work I close/open the player several times a day, so it happens often and is a bit of a hassle), so it happened before that. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 in Android 10. And my usage is relatively "sober" so it never changes much (no phone updates, no new apps since then), I just keep my apps updated and reboot my phone every now and then. I can't think of any issue that can be caused by other apps as nothing changed between before and after the issues began. That would be an acceptable resolution if it works. I'll try that, thanks. I'll try the option you mentioned. Will definitely send logs the next time ! Thanks. I will try to send logs ! Thanks.
  8. For the record, it happened again today, in worse. After a rescan, everything goes to normal again. Still no issues with other music players.
  9. Issue still present. I was listening to an album, paused and closed the app to do something else and when coming back to resume my playing, the time Poweramp rescanned the library, that album just disappeared from the library. I had to rescan the library once again for it to reappear. Edit: just noticed that after that issue happened, those numbers in the parameters (attached image) are completely false. That not even half of what I have in my SD card (I have at least 20'000 tracks in 2600 folders). The scanner seems to skip entire folders because each time entire folders are concerned. Also, please note that issue is present only in Poweramp. Until this is resolved, I have to use another player (because it happens at least once a day which makes it totally unreliable and a hassle) and it doesn't happend in other players.
  10. Same here ! I understand why it is. But when you're an "album-focused" listener (like I am, and as erikgdd and a bunch of other people seem to be), only having the option to mark tracks as favourites is kind of a nonsense. That's because my music library is composed by albums, and I have favourites albums that I like to listen. In each album, I may (or may not) also have favourite tracks, but these can be favourites within the album. Then would IMO also be nonsense, as my favourite tracks could be just my favourite tracks of that particular album, which would not necessarily be one of my favourite albums at all. Also, a solution consisting of "constructing a favourite album category based on some lower-level infos" seems wonky and unreliable to me (although I think it would work for the "last played album", but because implications are not the same). I think the best thing would be just to think about albums as a full-fledged category and to be able to mark favourite at that level. Then adding a list of favourite albums, what would basically be just a filtered "album" category.
  11. As an "album-centered" listener for as long as I remember, I heavily support this request.
  12. There definitely IS an issue with the scanner related to Poweramp (I have a full stock Samsung). For some time now, I sometimes notice that some albums disappear from the library. Turns out that the scanner randomly removes full folders (I have each album in its dedicates folder) from the library. I have to launch a manual rescan each time for them to reappear. Also, when Poweramp is playing and you delete a completely unrelated folder from the SD card, Poweramp stops as if you deleted the currently playing song and it disappears from the library (even though it's not, at all, the file you deleted).
  13. I discussed that matter on another topic a long time ago, and I still think the behaviour of the shuffle button in the library is an aberration in terms of logic. In whatever category I am in the library, pressing the shuffle button at the top always activate "Shuffle songs and categories". For me, this is a flaw and I think the behaviour of the button should at least be coherent with the category. Because when I'm in the Album category, I would like to Shuffle Categories. Same with Artists. But when I display an album, I would like to shuffle that album only, meaning "Shuffle songs". I think it would benefit to have an option to customize the behaviour of this button. Because as is, the shuffle button in the library is completely useless, as I always have to change it in the now playing screen anyway.
  14. @maxmp, possible to add more shuffle options in the Android Auto interface ? By the way, I discovered I can change categories with my steering wheel by double clicking next/previous even with Android Auto so forget about adding those buttons
  15. Yes, skins, obviously. Sorry for the bad wording. Anyway, I thought it would have been a cool feature but that's in no way something important.
  16. But that problem also exists as is in the now playing screen, with some themes that give the option to hide the label backgrounds. 🤷‍♂️
  17. Yes, that's already what I'm doing. What I was asking was if that's possible to have that background not only for the now playing screen but also the whole library. Sorry, edited my first post because I realized it was not really that clear.
  18. I would love to have all shuffle options enabled in Android Auto. I usually only use the shuffle categories option but it isn't available in Android Auto (the only way is to select it before connecting to the car, or change directly on the phone, which dismiss the purpose of Android Auto) Would it be a technically possible ? This honestly is the only thing that keeps me from using Android Auto. As a side note (but for this one I have doubts because of Android Auto limitations), is also adding the previous/next category buttons a possibility somehow ?
  19. Would it be technicaly possible to apply the blur background (currently only on the now playing screen) to the whole library interface ? So, even if I'm navigating through the library, the background would also follow the background on the now playing screen ?
  20. I'm also used to that behaviour, to be honest, as I also use Poweramp for a long time now (I don't even remember since when, I guess probably around 2012). But as an unconditional album shuffle enthusiast (it has become my "default" way to listen to music), I think I could benefit from that option. It would in any case reduce the number of steps needed to achieve the same goal. As a side note, and that's only my humble opinion, I would even find it logical to do so: when in the songs list, shuffle icon shuffles songs, when in a "category" list like the albums list, it shuffles that category, etc. But I'm all too aware that the ->shuffle equals shuffle all songs, no matter what<- behaviour is heavily printed in most people's mind, so those kind of requests don't tend to raise crowds. You can clearly tell by the fact Poweramp is nearly the only player available that can do album shuffle and do it well. iPods even ditched that option some years ago. You can also tell by the number of people creating an account here just to complain about how confusing the shuffle options are (they're not, really, you just have to think logically) and some even asking to ditch all those options. With the advent of dematerialized music and portable players/smartphones, I'm afraid that people that became music consumers at that time imposed some behaviours to minority music lovers, who were already used to CDs and other physical formats.
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