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  1. hrolf1713

    Swipe to change Albums

    +1 !
  2. +1. It's also not showing on the folder list.
  3. hrolf1713

    Shuffle folders in a parent folder

    I see. That's not a big concern for me though as for now I have the use to just go back by taping on the cover to see where I am. But if that's something worth implementing, it could just be by adapting infos already present at the bottom of the playing screen, because it already tells you in which category you started from: (It says "Folder Hierarchy" in French by the way 😊)
  4. hrolf1713

    Shuffle folders in a parent folder

    Yes, you're right. If the option is effectively saved for later single-taps, it makes more sense. You already can. When you tap the shuffle icon in a folder in Folder Hierarchy, the shuffle icon in the playing screen matches the behaviour of the shuffling. With the "Shuffle All Songs in Folder Hierarchy" option on, it shows the "Shuffle all songs" icon: With the option off, the "Shuffle categories and songs" is showing: It could simply be the same for other shuffling options. I also guess it could use the same icons at the top of the list in the library to show what behaviour has been saved.
  5. hrolf1713

    Shuffle folders in a parent folder

    Allright, exactly that! 😀 I also imagine it could be done by long-pressing the icon, as you said, or maybe by changing the on/off "Shuffle All Songs in Folder Hierarchy" option for a list of the different possible behaviours of the button.
  6. hrolf1713

    Shuffle folders in a parent folder

    Thanks Max for answering me directly. But do you think though it would be a possibility to add, as an option, the ability to shuffle folders from current folder sometimes in the future? Plus, this is already possible to shuffle categories/songs from a parent folder. The only thing that would change is the implementation of the shuffle categories/songs in order option. I know this may not be a popular request, but I honestly think it makes sense. I don't really use the (flat) Folders menu because having a well structured folder hierarchy makes more sense for my personal use. The only issue I encounter is the lack of flexibility when it comes to playing/shuffling what's inside those folders... And that's honestly too bad for me, because Poweramp truly is my farourite player in terms of sound and options. But I'm always forced to keep returning to another player that I've installed in parallel because it gives me more possibility in terms of advanced shuffle options. 😔
  7. hrolf1713

    Shuffle folders in a parent folder

    As said in the other thread, what I would like is the ability to shuffle folders that are contained in a parent folder (without shuffling the songs inside them) and only those folders. The option you talked about shuffles all song contained in that parent folder.
  8. Hi there ! I think the title of the topic says it all. 1- It could be great that we have the option to hide the cover on top of lists in the library. I find it ugly and I think it could free up a bit of space for the list. 2- I noticed that on the now playing screen, you can swipe-up the cover but it does nothing. Could it be a customizable action? I would very much like to use it to skip to the next category, for example!
  9. hrolf1713

    Shuffle folders in a parent folder

    @andrewilley This is the concern I talked about in the 822 release thread.
  10. hrolf1713

    Poweramp Build 822

    Oh, I see. I wouldn't know it was that difficult. IMHO though, this is a pretty serious issue to be addressed and I don't really understand why it hasn't been addressed already before various other things. Am I really too concerned about being able to read what I'm listening to? 😣 I'm still unable to shuffle folders inside another folder. In my own case, for example, I put every new album (every album has his own dedicated folder) that I've not listened to yet in a particular folder named "To listen". I would like to shuffle the folders that are in that particular folder only (without shuffling the songs inside folders, only the folders), but if I select the "Shuffle categories" option, it shuffles ALL my folders, including those who are not present in that "To listen" folder. I already did a thread regarding that behaviour a few months ago. Will post in it then.
  11. hrolf1713

    Poweramp Build 822

    Still no scrolling texts despite everyone is complaining about it? Still impossible to use some shuffle option only within a specific sub-folder?
  12. hrolf1713

    Switching Folders via Bluetooth

    It absolutely never worked for me. Don't know why. I tested on different cars and everytime I double-click, it just skips two songs. No matter the settings.
  13. hrolf1713

    Miniplayer issue continues?

    I don't think this has something to do with characters. Isn't the song being displayed on the mini player when that bug occurs always the very first song of your library? Because this is the case for me. Special character or not, when that occurs, it's always the very first song.
  14. hrolf1713

    We need pitch control

    No, there's none.
  15. hrolf1713

    Shuffle folders in a parent folder

    I think this is exactly the behaviour that has been added as an option in the 816 built, right? But that's not what I want.