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  1. It also shuffles the songs inside these folders. We would like it to shuffle ONLY the folders, not the content inside them. This is shuffling all the songs in the lowest level, so this is also NOT what we want.
  2. That's the problem. If I understand correcly what OP wants, that's the exact same request I addressed some time ago:
  3. Baroque orchestras are tuned in A=415hz. Classical pianos and orchestras are tuned un A=442hz. In 1680 in France, the reference A frequency was 404hz. In 1859, it was 435hz. Many orchestras and bands now still use a different reference that 440hz. Also: temperament. The reference frequency is not more than what it's called: a reference. That's temperament that tells how music sounds, because the relations between notes will be the same in the same musical temperament system, whatever the reference is. Anybody that pretends A=432hz sounds better are either: - Biased because of the sensation that, compared to 440hz, 432hz sounds warmer. Yes, but 410hz also sounds warmer compared to 432hz. Lower frenquencies always "feel" warmer than higher frequency; In reality, all that 432hz thing is based on that simple fact. - Fool, because they probably doesn't even know what reference frequency is used in the piece of music they're listening to. Tools that convert 440hz to 432hz are not magical: They're just downtuning your music by 8hz. If you listen to an A=430hz tuned piece of music through your "432hz magical converter" and think "it sounds better because it's 432hz", you're a fool. At the end, if all those things about 432hz were true, I don't understand why people who advocate for it didn't already became God-like superior humans by listening to a continuous 432hz tone all day.
  4. @maxmp Could you at least confirm if the comeback of this option is planned (or not) for a future release ? I can see there are a lot of people asking for it.
  5. It doesn't have to be a permanent change, but I think it should at least be an option.
  6. I remember the possibility of an "easy delete" being discussed multiple times already in here. Most people however agree that options like these are much more of a file manager than of a music player and for that reason, being able to accidentaly delete music would be infuriating and counter-productive for most people (and I agree to that). The comeback of the option to be able to purely hide the delete button even was very requested when it disapeared a while ago.
  7. Yes, it actually has no effect on individual tracks, at least in that particular folder. But I did resolve the issue by basically taking a screenshot of the default cover image, renaming it "folder.jpg" and it did the trick. For me, that's an adequate enough solution. 😊
  8. Thank you for your answer ! I'll try to create a generic image in that folder and see if it works. I'm aware of all the other workarounds you exposed but those mixes are only intended to be listened on the fly to check balance with another support than my monitors, so those files aren't really meant to have a proper cover yet. Also as I'm doing that a lot, I would prefer not to have to move the files each time (I wasn't able to find any option in the Google Drive app to change the default download location or to be asked each time). At the end, that's a rather non-issue to be honest, I asked if that was possible just for the sake of convenience. 😊
  9. Hi ! My issue is somewhat simple: the "Download" fodler of my phone is part of my library because I download my own mixes to listen to them in Poweramp... and when navigating into that folder in Poweramp, all tracks have the same random album cover that has been picked from the download folder. Because obviously that folder is full of mess other than music. There's an existing option to force default image instead of the album cover. Is it possible for that option to be put for specific paths only ? Or a way to just change the entire folder cover ? Thanks ! 😊
  10. Oh. I quickly installed the skin at work and didn't even bother to play something. My bad. It actually makes that skin even better. Thank you !
  11. Hi, amazing skin, thank you ! I have an issue though. My album covers on the now playing screen seem to be much smaller than they should be: It's on a Galaxy S9 phone.
  12. Thanks for your answer. Hope it will be possible in the future !
  13. Hi everyone ! There's something I'm kinda struggling with when scrolling through the library: Many labels doesn't show intirely. This is especially true when using the Folder menu, depending on how you label your folders. Lots of "..." I may say. Though, it's also partical for me to have the album cover displayed pretty big, and the Compact list option is too small for me. An idea that I had, since the vertical space next to each cover is good enough, is to have an option to display the label on two line, basically having a line break instead of a "..." at the end if the label is too long. It could without any problem replace other infos (I don't really need the number of tracks and the total lenght, for example) so it frees up vertical space.
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