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  1. I discussed that matter on another topic a long time ago, and I still think the behaviour of the shuffle button in the library is an aberration in terms of logic. In whatever category I am in the library, pressing the shuffle button at the top always activate "Shuffle songs and categories". For me, this is a flaw and I think the behaviour of the button should at least be coherent with the category. Because when I'm in the Album category, I would like to Shuffle Categories. Same with Artists. But when I display an album, I would like to shuffle that album only, meaning "Shuffle songs". I think it would benefit to have an option to customize the behaviour of this button. Because as is, the shuffle button in the library is completely useless, as I always have to change it in the now playing screen anyway.
  2. @maxmp, possible to add more shuffle options in the Android Auto interface ? By the way, I discovered I can change categories with my steering wheel by double clicking next/previous even with Android Auto so forget about adding those buttons
  3. Yes, skins, obviously. Sorry for the bad wording. Anyway, I thought it would have been a cool feature but that's in no way something important.
  4. But that problem also exists as is in the now playing screen, with some themes that give the option to hide the label backgrounds. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Yes, that's already what I'm doing. What I was asking was if that's possible to have that background not only for the now playing screen but also the whole library. Sorry, edited my first post because I realized it was not really that clear.
  6. I would love to have all shuffle options enabled in Android Auto. I usually only use the shuffle categories option but it isn't available in Android Auto (the only way is to select it before connecting to the car, or change directly on the phone, which dismiss the purpose of Android Auto) Would it be a technically possible ? This honestly is the only thing that keeps me from using Android Auto. As a side note (but for this one I have doubts because of Android Auto limitations), is also adding the previous/next category buttons a possibility somehow ?
  7. Would it be technicaly possible to apply the blur background (currently only on the now playing screen) to the whole library interface ? So, even if I'm navigating through the library, the background would also follow the background on the now playing screen ?
  8. I'm also used to that behaviour, to be honest, as I also use Poweramp for a long time now (I don't even remember since when, I guess probably around 2012). But as an unconditional album shuffle enthusiast (it has become my "default" way to listen to music), I think I could benefit from that option. It would in any case reduce the number of steps needed to achieve the same goal. As a side note, and that's only my humble opinion, I would even find it logical to do so: when in the songs list, shuffle icon shuffles songs, when in a "category" list like the albums list, it shuffles that category, etc. But I'm all too aware that the ->shuffle equals shuffle all songs, no matter what<- behaviour is heavily printed in most people's mind, so those kind of requests don't tend to raise crowds. You can clearly tell by the fact Poweramp is nearly the only player available that can do album shuffle and do it well. iPods even ditched that option some years ago. You can also tell by the number of people creating an account here just to complain about how confusing the shuffle options are (they're not, really, you just have to think logically) and some even asking to ditch all those options. With the advent of dematerialized music and portable players/smartphones, I'm afraid that people that became music consumers at that time imposed some behaviours to minority music lovers, who were already used to CDs and other physical formats.
  9. +1. I'm advocating for the implementation of that option.
  10. Would it be possible to have an option to hide the top cover in the library navigation ? So instead of looking like this: It would look like this:
  11. It also shuffles the songs inside these folders. We would like it to shuffle ONLY the folders, not the content inside them. This is shuffling all the songs in the lowest level, so this is also NOT what we want.
  12. That's the problem. If I understand correcly what OP wants, that's the exact same request I addressed some time ago:
  13. Baroque orchestras are tuned in A=415hz. Classical pianos and orchestras are tuned un A=442hz. In 1680 in France, the reference A frequency was 404hz. In 1859, it was 435hz. Many orchestras and bands now still use a different reference that 440hz. Also: temperament. The reference frequency is not more than what it's called: a reference. That's temperament that tells how music sounds, because the relations between notes will be the same in the same musical temperament system, whatever the reference is. Anybody that pretends A=432hz sounds better are either: - Biased because of the sensation that, compared to 440hz, 432hz sounds warmer. Yes, but 410hz also sounds warmer compared to 432hz. Lower frenquencies always "feel" warmer than higher frequency; In reality, all that 432hz thing is based on that simple fact. - Fool, because they probably doesn't even know what reference frequency is used in the piece of music they're listening to. Tools that convert 440hz to 432hz are not magical: They're just downtuning your music by 8hz. If you listen to an A=430hz tuned piece of music through your "432hz magical converter" and think "it sounds better because it's 432hz", you're a fool. At the end, if all those things about 432hz were true, I don't understand why people who advocate for it didn't already became God-like superior humans by listening to a continuous 432hz tone all day.
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