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Found 11 results

  1. Build 588 Miui 9.2 So after the soft update which I did yesterday i tried to allow Poweramp to delete music files but I suddenly realised there is no documents app anymore in the apps list. Any ideas what to do now? Not sure if I posted this in correct place. Still I hope to get an aswer.
  2. vitalinya

    Track deleting

    Hi, I allways deleting tracks to create "Best of the Best" playlist. But deleting from the Poweramp a bit complex procedure. I have request to add new option in Headset buttons for deleting current track. For example: Current headset configuration: 1. One Click on the button - Play/Pause the track. 2. Two Clicks on the button - Next track. 3. Three Clicks on the button - Previous track. I allways use only first and second option. And for the third option i offer to add new option for deleting the track. So users can choose - "delete track" or "previous track" in Poweramp settings. Randomly delete the track would be very hard, because 3 clicks very complex combination. And for us it would cost no time to create "Best of the Best" playlist while listen to music. Also i request to add delete icon on main Poweramp window/widget.
  3. Hi, I am on 2.0.10 build 588-play Full Version. and on 3.0 beta! I accidently created a playlist of nearly 100.000 titles. I can not delete this list. When I push the "x" button PA waits a few seconds and goes then to the main screen. The Playlist is still there. No big deal, but still a bug. I could help myself if someone would tell me where and in what format PA stores playlists. Seems to be a mystery. I created a playlist and then looked for the name in my explorer, without success. My device is rooted.
  4. Hello! First off, thank you for a great app! Been using it since version 1! I have a question for you about a feature to add. I can delete my music files directly off the sdcard from the folder mode and the album mode. However, in playlist mode, I can only remove the song from the playlist. Is it possible to be able to delete files from the sdcard, directly selected from the playlist? Thanks!
  5. skilzorz

    Delete Tracks

    Hi Everyone! I would find it really useful if there was an easier way to delete tracks. I think the best way to do this that I could think about is to have a programable gesture linked to deleting, for example, have swipe up delete the track instead of playlist change (you could choose what swiping in any direction would do in the menu somewhere, but have changing tracks\lists the default) The reason for this is that I am a DJ and I sort through thousands of songs on the go and it would be nice to be able to delete tracks without entering the settings tab and confirming. Even better would be delete linked to bluetooth headset commands but maybe this isn't possible!
  6. kels1943

    Quick delete

    I would appreciate a quick delete button on the play screen. I ride a motorcycle and often want to get rid of old music as I go. Thank you.
  7. Please make it possible to delete current playing song, without need to get the phone out of pocket. Just like switching songs, you could make an option to delete songs, by pressing headset button 5 times or something like it. It would be really convenient.
  8. I have searched the forums and not found a definite answer on my issue. When I delete songs from my playlist (not from the actual memory card) they return if I either A. Reload the playlist or B. Add songs to an existing playlist. I seem to experience this problem with 2 devices that I use. Samsung Galaxy S4 (Verizon - 4.2) and Droid Bionic (Verizon - 4.1) I am currently using Poweramp version 2.0.9-build-541-arm-play (Full Version) The only workaround that I can do is completely delete the file on my phone which I do not wish to do. Any resolution or feedback would be appreciated.
  9. kazlh

    deleted files

    Hi can anyone help me, my scan was set to scan every file and folder, I have no idea why my settings changed but I deleted a number of items I knew weren't songs what I didnt realise was that they were videos with sound that I was deleting and now I have lost them altogether from gallery and video player, they are extremely important to me, for sentimental reasons, is there anyway I can get them back. Please any help is appreciated.
  10. Could you please allow us to have an option to delete on the lock screen
  11. I have an Android HTC Desire phone with Poweramp. Poweramp has been running fine for at least 6 months and I'm very happy with its features. Today an attempt to sync my music from MediaMonkey to Poweramp on the phone seems to have gone disastrously wrong. The memory on the phone card has been filled up to the brim although the amount of music in MediaMonkey wouldn't have justified this. I now want to delete all the music from the phone to start over again. How do I do this ?