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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, Is there a way to delete songs (not the file) from the search playlist? I had to create a new playlist but with over 3000 songs, I just added entire folders including different versions of the songs I wish to delete. But the delete option is unavailable when selecting the songs from search. Don't want to skim through them all just to find about 100 songs
  2. Hey devs, good job on the V3 polishing - it's a lot better now vs what it was at the release date. That said, here's a feature proposal: Would it be possible to implement some kind of an "easy delete"? Say for instance a swipe down or up would delete the current song instead of: 1-click the menu 2-select delete 3-confirm delete Could be a feature of the PRO version to make it more interesting for you, but I'm sure that many people will find it very useful. Thanks!
  3. I was trying to delete some songs and then the option is not avaible anymore, why? The I went to the list of songs to try deleting from there but the bottom appears disabled... Uhmmm ok lets check the config 4 the app... App can acces files... So where is the option to delete some songs or what can we do to be able to delete songs. Grettings from MX
  4. Hi! I'd like to be able to delete files more easily. Today: * I long-press anywhere on the cover-art * the popup-menu appear * I move the finger to the Delete option (slightly center-left on screen) * the delete dialog appear at the bottom of the screen * I move the finger to confirm the deletion (bottom right on screen) This is extra tiresome on my Samsung Note9, which is quite big and wide. Example: I hear a tune that I want to erase and fetch the phone from the left jacket pocket with my left hand. (My right hand is carrying my bag and can't be used.) With my left thumb I have to do the above steps. It is hard to stretch it to all places while also holding the phone with the same hand. Usually the next 5-10 tunes are bad as well (when I play folders of mp3's), so I repeat this delete actions over and over. Hence I need a quick and smooth Delete function. (no, I don't want to delete the entire folder in the Folder view. I want to delete unwanted songs one by one while listening to them.) (no, I don't want to first use ranking, and later bulk-delete the bad songs.) Some suggested solutions: When I long-press the cover-art, show a file-icon beneath my finger and a red trashcan near the tapped location. If I drag and drop the icon on it, the file will be deleted without any need for a confirmation dialog. Or just like when you long-press on an icon on the (Samsung) phone's desktop, you get options to Uninstall, Remove icon from desktop, etc. In the same manner, PA could show buttons instead of the menu-list. Important: the buttons must be presented *close* to the position where you tapped. The Delete button will then be near the tapped location. Now show the confirmation dialog at the same place, with confirm and cancel near the tapped location. This way I can easily delete a file with three taps close together. Or make the center line buttons customizeable. In my case I would replace the first button (Visualization) with a Delete button. This option is no good if I pick the phone up with my right hand though (the button is too far to the left). Or make the four bottom buttons customizeable, just like the bottom icons of the desktop of any Android phone. If I could add a 5th button, I would add a Delete-button in the middle, between the Equalizer and Search buttons. I guess you get my point. 🙂 /Elof
  5. After the grant access has been given it still cant delete the selected song. V2 also had the same problem and the problem still continue in v3 as well.
  6. Hello friends, I've been trying to find any thread related to it but I haven't found any. However I am playing one of my Playlists one of them will get deleted without I even make an update. So when I go to the playlisy folder the file will be there but all blank and empty. So to kinda fix it, I will let a bkp of it in another folder so I can drag and drop in my main Playlist folder.
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