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  1. Greetings, I've been testing it slowly over the week. The gist of it comes down to: -Disabling the "no reshuffle" seems to help to randomise things, so I don't get the exact same random order in the exact same order again and again. -However, when I'm in a folder with files and multiple sub-folders in it - and I want to play the whole thing randomly - it still does so perfectly for XX number of files until getting stuck in one single folder. Just yesterday while training i re-shuffled twice the same huge folder and although the initial order was different - on both occasions it ended up shuffling files in the exact same folder.
  2. Tried everything in every possible combination. Have been dealing with this for a good while...
  3. Not sure if this rant belongs to BUGS or NEW FEATURE REQUEST... Anyhow - random playback has been getting on my nerves more and more lately... To be perfectly clear - I'm always in the direct files mode. -Suppose, I have a folder full of files, so from the browser I'm taping "random playback". Here's the thing: every time I do that in the same folder, the so-called random algorithm follows the exact same order. Where is RANDOM? -Now, let's push it a step further. I have a folder full of folders and files. I want the whole thing played RANDOMLY. So from the folder list, I press the same "random playback" button with the "random" settings set to "shuffle every damned thing"... And it does exactly that (not forgetting the previous example) for a dozen or or so songs, until getting stuck in some random folder indefinitely. WTH happened to RANDOM? Now, before the developer claims that I'm a moron who doesn't know how to enter into settings - I've tried every possible setting combination available - the ones on the main playback screen and these buried deep down in settings - and all of the above to not much avail. Thoughts? Or is it just me Observed this behaviour over 2 different handsets and 3 full handset resets.
  4. Exactly. Though I'm not sure if it is system-wide or not. Not enough experience with apps development. Fact is - right now the delay is way too short, I'm often finding myself simply scrolling through the list and it keeps switching into multi-selection.
  5. Lol, I'm not that young anymore, but I do value my time and convenience always wins vs insurance against accidental disposal. Besides - files what go on the phone are always a copy from the computer - so accidents are manageable.
  6. "Dangerous" vs having to tap 3 times for every song I want to get rid of - I'll roll with dangerous. They could make it optional, so you'd need to activate it in settings.
  7. Am I the only one who finds that checkbox activation in list view is waaay to sensitive? Really annoying when browsing through songs. Would it be possible to either bring it down a bit or make it user-controllable? Thanks!
  8. Hey devs, good job on the V3 polishing - it's a lot better now vs what it was at the release date. That said, here's a feature proposal: Would it be possible to implement some kind of an "easy delete"? Say for instance a swipe down or up would delete the current song instead of: 1-click the menu 2-select delete 3-confirm delete Could be a feature of the PRO version to make it more interesting for you, but I'm sure that many people will find it very useful. Thanks!
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