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  1. @invaderzim Poweramp plays the target list (folder, album, playlist) directly - the target list becomes the “now playing” and you also may have now playing like playlist in a form of the Queue, but actually just a user created Playlist can do that too, including item reordering and permanent shuffle, other sorting orders, and stored lat played song position (enabled via header menu / List Options for the given playlist).

  2. @clriis on Samsungs, 3 known issues affect sd card availability:

    1. random mounting delay, when sd card is not available for tens of seconds after reboot. Solution: check sd card for errors on PC/reformat/change card
    2. (legacy) permission suddenly not available (this is lower level permission on fuse filesystem level, not the one user can grant). Solution: disable :File Access Legacy Mode" in Poweramp and reselect Music Folders
    3. permissions taken away from app much earlier than in a month of app being idle (e.g. immediately after ROM update). 2 and 3 affect internal storage as well. Solution: disable "Remove permission id app isn't used" in app Info / App permissions

    The result is the same - player can’t play files. Nothing app can do here as access is denied on system level. Though Poweramp won’t rescan into empty library - this is a result of the manual rescan - not recommended in these cases.

    The temporary sd card inability lasts for me like for 10-30 seconds, after that it perfectly works everywhere as nothing happened, but if it happens often (more than once) or for longer duration, sd card is dying (most probably just corrupted FAT filesystem) and it requires (at least) reformatting on the PC.

  3. The multiple artists, album artists, and composers, split by user defined separators, is already available in dev. builds, and this will be in the next beta - to be released soon. 

    Albums grouping is the same, based on (unsplit) album artist or artist tag (if no album artist in the tags).

  4. From my experience, it's not worth to do anything for these early previews or even betas as Google rolls many breaking changes back or provides workaround. For example, for Q betas they changed file access APIs 3 times during preview-beta-release cycle.

  5. @andrewilley received the log, thanks, but in the case of process killing, Poweramp won't collect the log from the previous run. It's only possible to do that via Developer settings / Bug report / Full, ASAP after the issue as that log contains only last couple of minutes or less.

    Btw, the wakelock option won't work on recent Androids and not recommended esp. on Samsung Android 11 which is very restrictive about wakelocks.

  6. @vongdong while in the shuffle session, you can hear song repeated only if song is duplicated in the target list. You may be resetting your shuffle session (by restarting player, or by restarting target category, etc.). To avoid resetting use "No Reshuffle" option. This way reshuffle will happen only when you change shuffle mode or when you press shuffle button in the target list. Note that manually selecting songs in the list may select last song in the list in this case.

    You can see how songs exactly sorted by shuffle with List Options / By shuffle order.

    Alternative powerful shuffle method is to add all desired songs into playlist and re-sorting it with "Shuffle (random sort)". You can play it then in normal mode + you can enable List Position for that playlist to keep the last played song there memorized.

  7. @MaxOfS2D one extra question, how exactly permissions are given in Music Folders - is it for whole SD card or for specific folders? Also what is the file system on sd card? 

    Anyway, I did few tests (OneUI3.0/Android11):

    - Note20 Ultra - 10 reboots with legacy option, 10 reboots without - no issues
    - S10+ - 10 reboots with legacy option, 10 reboots without. 2 times sd card mounted with the delay ~30sec. While sd card is not mounted, you obviously can't access files (as from 2nd OP video), but it works OK after that period. Unfortunately, app can't access files if storage is not mounted. It's not recommended to do a rescans while card is not mounted yet.

    From the logcat system does some SD card checking. I guess system decides it needs to check it if sd card has some issues/inconsistencies, but again, this is happening only for 10% of reboots. Possible solution here is to change sd card, or at least re-formatting the sd card on computer with all checks enabled/secure erase to touch all memory blocks, as Android does only quick re-format.

  8. @Chris138 so is it strictly for sd-card? Are songs from the internal phone storage always available?

    Android 11 removes file permission from apps which were idle for some defined period of time. It should be 1 month, but we’ve seen such permission taken away on Samsungs immediately after upgrade. There is an option in App Info / Permissions - long press Poweramp icon / (i). Also  one ui 3.0 has another file access issue, but it affects only legacy mode (when permission is kind of granted, but not really).

  9. This is normal Android 11 functionality (last player resuming) as intended by Google. By user requests may be option will be added to disable this functionality, if this is possible/allowed by Google.

    You may not see this functionality from other players as Poweramp is one of the first implementing this new API (and many other new Android 10/11 APIs).

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