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  1. On 11/12/2021 at 11:26 PM, Arlaor said:

    Hi everyone

    Has it happened to someone that after installing the current version of deezer, the Poweramp equalizer stopped working? Until the previous version everything worked normally, but now, it just doesn't take the deezer audio. Does anyone know why this happens?

    This should be reported as bug to Deezer as they seem to broke that 1-liner of code to support equalizers. I hope they react swiftly. From Poweramp Equalizer side Advanced Player Tracking can workaround the issue.

  2. @Aller2TeaM Unfortunately on Android the Visualizer component can't know the output sampling rate due to the lacky APIs, bugs, and general component engineering oversight, thus hi-res sample rates won't be properly visualized. (The component was introduced in Android 2.x days when no hi-res audio existed for Android devices, and the code was never updated).

    Poweramp player doesn't use the Visualizer component, so it's not affected.

  3. There is implicit limit for number of the items in Auto lists. Loading 500-700 items takes up to few seconds there, and pushing it more may cause crash. I guess Auto players are not intended to show large lists. Use search, voice search, custom playlists, etc to narrow the album or other item. Thanks!

  4. @Cpasley I would suggest some buffer increasing/tweaking in Poweramp chromecast output settings. Also, if any update is available for that builtin chromecast app, please update. 
    Poweramp is tested with number of Google chromecast devices and builtin Android TV chromecast app, as for the other devices - experience may vary, esp. on non-updated devices (as Google regularly updates online part and devices must follow).

  5. @drftr Android shows that lock screen notification when player is paying something - there is none when player is paused.

    There are options in Poweramp to persist that notification even if paused (Keep Notification options, these are disabled by default). And also some OEMs modify lock screen with own player controls (such as old Samsung firmwares, Meizu, and few other). The latter usually can be disabled in system settings.

  6. @ClicK there are old (Android 2.1 days) audio engine still in Android which is legacy mode is for, and you may have better chances with equalizers based on that (all these copycat 5 band equalizer apps). Some firmwares (esp. older Androids) allows processing the global audio session, and that could work for games as well.

    Also some OEM provide some sort of global equalization, eg. Samsung does it. Usually those are few bands with minimal effect, but it may be enough for games. It won’t add much latency due to the filter type used.

  7. @flyingdutchman yes, ids should be “stable” for preferences to be compatible. I would suggest using that previous stable ids file and manually editing out any possible duplications from it or other issues. 
    I will also try to avoid dependency on stable ids for the next PA builds, if that is possible.

  8. Unfortunately, the added latency, which is not relevant or noticeable for the music playback, is very noticeable for any sort of  dynamicaly generated/played sounds. Usual Android audio and BT latencies are added to that.

  9. @andrewilley UAPP and Neutron both implement own USB Audio "driver" (it's technically not a driver, which is a kernel level objects and not for apps, but some layer of code, 99% open source and available for everyone), but unfortunately, there can't be just one "driver" solution as there are too many USB DACs with own quirks, so it never perfectly works for all devices out there. It bypasses Android audio layer completely (no notification, answering the phone in headset, etc. - speaking will ring and play notifications), and from my experience doesn't work well on Android phones generally, though works find for DAPs (digital players). Also it adds +10-15mb to the APK and brings more new issues than resolves those - in case of Poweramp.

  10. The category change buttons (<<< >>>) change (sub)categories (albums, folders, genres, playlists), but if you're in some category without subcategories (All songs, Shuffle all, Streams, and few others) they can't change anything and are disabled/greyed out.

  11. @Iwantroca you can't really hear 24 bit, resampling, or other in-audible things, so it should be volume. As you're on Bluetooth, volume is affected by Absolute Volume, DVC settings, and "No DVC Headroom Gain" setting (that one takes effect when Absolute volume is enabled, DVC is disabled - this is for the default phone settings). Try to adjust it.

    Also, volume is a relative thing, meaning players may produce different volume depending on their preamp, DSP, and other effective gains. In Poweramp all those are exposed and can be adjusted - if you, for some reason, want volume matched to some other player.

  12. @drftr I agree, Absolute volume stuff is sometimes quite hard to understand, and the way it's implemented in Android firmwares is very "dirty". So definitely it's good to have some improvements on that settings page in the future.

    As for ear buds + volume control, it usually continue to work, but volume is controllable from 2 points - phone and buds, where I recommend setting phone volume up to max 3/4 (75%) to allow some dynamic range for equalizer/tone, the volume on the BT device can be any as it fits.

    Absolute volume just forces 100% volume in the Android system (but not on all devices, e.g. OnePlus uses ~90% level, etc.) and assumes your BT device do all the DSP processing, not phone. While this may be good for (big and beafy) speakers, good car audios, etc., it's not so that good for headsets and earbuds, where frequency response is way, way different and lacking a lot, esp. in the lower end and you want the equalizer/tone power to improve that.

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