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  1. I just wanna add that i have a theory that i must delete 1 playlist to make room for 1 new, however im failing to delete my backuped playlist from inside! of the player ( i have already removed it physical from the SD-card) cause deleting requires granting acces, when choosing SD card and press ok "acces granted" but it doesnt remove the playlist, i see it as its being reincarnated upon execution. Is this normal? Huge problems to send the report though, cause it must be send with G-mail and it cant make a draft nor send it cause i have no internet on the unit To be able to instead copy and paste the error text to a document (Notepad and keep app) also requires internet to save a text
  2. `Did i do it correct judged on my latest picture and description?
  3. I'm surprised that any phone does not have at least a basic built-in file explorer (e.g. Samsung has 'My Files'). But you can sideload apps directly via a USB cable from a computer using the ADB system, with the command line "adb install file.apk". See https://www.makeuseof.com/install-apps-via-adb-android/ for full instructions. Install a file explorer first, and then you can install other apps using that locally on the phone later. The Add to Playlist functionality has not changed dramatically since build 934 though. You clearly are getting as far as the screen where you can either select one of your existing playlists, or press '+' to create a new one (you show this in your screenshot posted on Thursday). What happens when you press '+', as you should then be prompted to give a name for the new playlist? Andre Thanks to what you wrote about the lack of a file viewer i recalled today that in settings it exists "settings/storage and it had a build in file explorer that could launch the apk installer with version 978, and it installed, it said "initializing" forever (searching for an internet connection) but i just minimized that window and it was then possible to go around and into the Player, so maxmp was wrong i think, at least it have not yet promted me to re-register The surprising sh*t is that problem Nr 1 remains in the updated version I take a song from "all songs" or "recently added" and press + and it will not offer me to create the playlist no, it will just place the song inside the first playlist even though i have not picked it
  4. 1: So this settings doesn't affect the problem, that is why i can't create any new playlists in Builds 934-9239, you dont have any ideas what's wrong? I bett if i remove all 6 playlist so it cant choose a playlists to throw the song into, i will probably force PA to create a new playlist, but its risky business without internet, i might not be able to reload my playlists easily if removing them doesnt help 2: Damn, i need a file explorer to be able to install an apk file, and i need internet access to able to install the apk.file explorer
  5. 1: Found playlist Insert option, its set to "Add to end", i have no idea what that means, but i can conclude that with that setting when pressing + on an highlighted song it doesn't create any new playlist that i can give a name, it does what i described in the previous post what shall i change? 2: I cant get internet working on this damaged smartphone that now works as my audio player, but i can however download APK files of Poweramp to my internet smartphone (but with a damaged audio input instead so i cant use Poweramp on that unit ) and then move that installer onto the storage of the music smartphone that have working Poweramp, but since the unit dont have internet and verification possibilities, it might not accept the new version as a full version?
  6. Hello! I have Builds 934-9239: and im unable to update it further on this phone for certain reasons. I cannot add any further playlists by pressing + cause instead it simply takes the highlighted song and throw this song randomly into one of the existing playlists instead of creating a new playlist that it does in version 971.976 where i on the other hand have 0 other playlists present, as you can see im having having 7 playlist is above that a limit in this old version? or why does it refuse, maybe its this mess with having to grant access again? @Randalllll I understand this description can be related to my problem somehow? but i dont understand i would need easier English Regards Kloppstock
  7. Then it was some other button that i cant refind right now cause a song was playing and got interrupted with an unmounting message and i panicked, i guess we will never know casue i can never succes repeat any issue
  8. I never found the X in the first place, therefore i cant find its replacer "enable link" setting either I got some attention disorder so you may wanna send me a screenshot
  9. Thank you, i have checked with my Android in settings/storage and the SD card was unmounted and with a click i enabled it again However, i must correct you, it is possible for PA......not to change other storage access maybe, but to unmount a SD-card during the intermediate moment while PA gives back the control to the phone while stil inside PA, and that opportunity to screw up did happen when PA shall target a phone folder, and i must have clicked on this 6 square button to load out the SD-card? because it's not written what that button does and then you get sick of it and click
  10. Poweramp obviously have a function that have disabled my SD card from my entire phone, i cant browse my SD-card in my computer any longer after this wrong PA klick, how is that even possible? how do i get my phone to recognize my SD card again through PA
  11. I have checked previous storange unmounted threads and i cant relate the solutions or problem formulation to my unique problem as usual I was about to export some playlists to my SD-card asd backup and when i was about to select "target folder" where there was an un-nessesary!!!!!!!!!!!!! button near it that i accidentally hit that unmounted my SD-card instead and i get failed to play storage unmounted I dont dare to click "full rescan" cause im not going to risk to loose my none yet exported playlist PA lacks a clear settings that re mount a SD-card for instance, its not available in library/"music folder" to select SD-card anymore Why? Only my phone and downloads is left to choose from in file library
  12. Yes it worked to place it in playlist-folder just, thank you
  13. But isnt it necessary to be able to scan that area? if i add a media file i want it to appear from that folder I have 14 subfolders containing various gb in each. So i guess you want me to copy my new created ".nomedia" file to each of this subfolders.?
  14. Have anybody else noticed with this version the leassure-life-time-threatning effect that when adding a music track to a playlist now take 15 seconds before it resolve into "done"
  15. I did not order a Sandisk i ordered a Exceria 32 gb, and the problem described in this thread have stopped with it, i can even have PA own file-scanner active again for the first time in years. So thank you all for co-operators in the thread. So do you think we shall ever inform the world that the youtube "How To Fix Poweramp Failed to Play File Error On Android Device" solution is incorrect. And that all people must instead purchase a new SD-card rather fo fix it
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