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  1. Thank you, it turned out my PA version was old on that old phone it concerns, so that export setting did not exist until updating Concerning the second problem, it turned out it was only 1 of 7 playlist who had this problem, so i was forced to delete and reload the playlist into the player. now it have stopped deleting from that list acctually.
  2. 1: Exported playlists: 0. Why is this happening? i have tested serveral folders on my SD-card and they generates 0 now, Yesterday though it exported several playlist that was not M3u8, why not M3u8 lists? 2: The other problem, when i press Rescan/Resolve playlists it removes newley added songs to a playlist. and it goes back to the amount tracks that was present in the list during a past moment it have defined self that cant be understood by the user, why not all are being removed, i jave notcied that this scan can remove error-playlists from showing, but i have no idea what it does above that? that will say... this removal of new added items to the list, extremly annoying
  3. hey, im sure you are curious to know that my PA have finaly starting to download album covers, it refused earlier cause some totally useless setting "download only when wifi is available" that was sett to ON as the new deafult ( not by be)
  4. Thanks for the inspiration, as usual i did not exactley as you suggested, but i created a copy of the M3u8 file and renamed it on the computer, and then moved it back, the old M3u8 file had not updated before the accident
  5. Yeah im using that file-based version judged on this screenshot. If i would move this m3u8 file out of my music folder the database version? ( Im not sure what the internal database version is) inside the player will be depleted of items Even though the file-based version are active i thought i could export multiple M3u8 to another location on the phone. Obviosly not, so i guess? i must cutt and paste the active M3u8 to my computer before i can export a fresh one The new playlist manager will be a last resort, i need a quickfix first
  6. I know, i have done that, unfort atleast 1700 of those tracks where not dups
  7. Exellent idea, however im recieving some kind of tech anomally, after selecting folder and clicking export "Exported playlists 0" This is not! how i recall it behaved when i did my last backup
  8. My playlist had 2450 items some minutes ago. then i must have accidentaly highligted all items inside "recently added" by title" and added around 2000 items more to my playlist instead of 1 intended file. Now i wanna regrett it cause i dont think its fun to manually erase 2000 files My playlist is more or less ruined Remove the "select all" button thank you!!!!
  9. It seem to be the case with V3, i can post nessesary screenshot over my settings when i got time I have no idea what Max ment since he insist to use hard words in english with me i dont understand what captcha means
  10. The problem exist in 2020 also, with the latest version of PA
  11. Pre amp on full doesnt make enough difference it seems DVC dont make a difference either Its wery odd that you are not allowed to decide what "openSL ES Output" you wanna go for. Change to Wired Headset/AUX and it will resett afterwards by instead activate both "speakers", and "bluetooth" and "Other output devices" It seems to make no differnce to the sound quality what you sett here
  12. I see, even though PA dont have it built in, it could maybe perhaps have worked as a AI and developed a weightening system,and the question becomes what fix shall we add to maybe prevent it from continue You are wrong about the truly randomness and habitual sences clouding the judgment, this is a fact and it differs PA from alla other players
  13. According to me the quality is okay in this case, can you confirm that there are no settings in PA? thate can boost the volume further other than the meassures have tested above
  14. The responce here makes me realize that the only thing to do ....is to manage to get inside that enginner mode and increase the volume
  15. English is not my language, so i cant se what "weight" means to this context? I get reminded every day though that there is a sick overrepresentation of early playing for the same track, and the first click on shuffle just replace some newcomers in the order. So you get moore or less crazy of the overplaying. Until this is resolved im going to click shuffle 10 times and see what composition list i get
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