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  1. @maxmp ah okay thank you! Do I just drop the images there or do I need a seperate folder? Also, is there a place I can submit a feature request for Music Assigned Visualizations? If that's even possible however. I like to screen share my songs onto my TV and have it run in the background. It would be cool if each song in a playlist would rotate the visuals per each song I'd have one assigned to.
  2. @maxmp Is there any way to add textures to the Poweramp Milkdrop implementation in those folders as well? I only see a "milkdrop_presets". Would be nice to have more control. Unless there is a way I'm not aware of? It would also be cool if when certain songs are played they would have the option to have a permanently assigned visualization. Is that possible? So for example I want to set the milkdrop preset "ChillFlower BlurFace Ib" on the track "New Order - Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix)" so each time this song is played it will switch to that preset automatically. This is assuming I keep visualizations on as the background. Then so on and so forth with other tracks as well if I so choose.
  3. I am unsure what I did, but I didn't do what you said but it seems that the issue itself is solved for now. If the problem arises again I will take into consideration what you recommend and if that doesn't work I'll consult the forum again. Thank You! Zazzy
  4. This doesn't seem to be the case, and I have files on both SD and Internal
  5. @maxmp Yeah still trying to work out the issue. At first I thought I fixed it but it comes up again. Maybe it is the fact my folders haven't been scanned like what was said above.
  6. I've been getting this ever since my S20 Ultra updated to One UI 4, but it never did this on Android 11, it's only doing it with 12. So is this an already known issue and if so, how should I approach fixing it, if the solution is to be done by myself? Or will it just be fixed in an update? Thank you
  7. @Cruezin thank you, I do have ADB installed on my windows system so I should be fine. My problems have arised mostly from me not paying close attention to what the instructions are shown in the settings.
  8. @andrewilley Hey Andre, I am actually having a problem where my YouTube Vanced won't show up at all as a "Known Player" on my S20 Ultra, do you have a known fix for this?
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