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  1. Yes, you can install 709 and not upgrade to later versions. Andre
  2. andrewilley

    Music stopping

    More information? Well, any information really. Andre
  3. andrewilley

    Bypass EQ while using bluetooth

    The EQ settings can be adjusted and saved per output device, so yes you can do that. Andre
  4. andrewilley

    Not staying in playlists.

    Make sure you have Shuffle mode turned off, and start playback from within the Playlist that you first want to listen to (otherwise you won't be in Playlist mode). Andre
  5. No, Poweramp v2 purchasers can upgrade to v3 for no extra charge. Some people have been offering to pay an additional donation for the extra development work though. Edit: Unless you meant Android ROM releases for your phone? In which case many manufacturers offer to update their phones to at least the next major annual release of Android (e.g. Nougat to Oreo) but rarely very much further than that - and they are under no obligation to do any more than bug fixes. Andre
  6. andrewilley

    Stop Playing

    Press the 'X' in the notification to exit the player, or the pause button to stop playback for now. Andre
  7. andrewilley


    You are mistaken and you did read it wrong. Andre
  8. There is no "must" about it. But in this case yes, upgrading from Poweramp v2 to v3 will be covered by the same licence so there will be nothing extra to pay. Andre
  9. andrewilley


    709 is pretty stable and feature-complete, but uses the existing interface rather than the new Material Design one in test build 790. Andre
  10. They certainly should do. Remember than if the letter is an "A" (or "An", or "The") the name will be sorted using natural alpha sorting, so it will sorted by the second word (e.g. "A Name" would be filed under "N" not "A"). Andre
  11. andrewilley


    I'm going to let this thread run in the hopes that it might declutter the main development threads of incessant ETA requests a bit. Popcorn anyone? Andre
  12. You were warned: another 5 posts asking for or discussing ETA requests have been removed. Please keep this thread to the point, otherwise any useful posts will get lost among the pointless stuff. Andre
  13. Admin Reminder (copied from first post): Development timings are very hard to predict, so timescales can vary. Repeated ETA requests won't help speed up the process, and may even get your post removed as clutter. Andre
  14. andrewilley

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    DVD is Direct Volume Control, which allows PA to override the phone's regular audio handling systems and go a bit more directly to the hardware. The downside is some devices may need their own customised firmware handling to make the audio chain work properly (as apparently in your case). The most commonly noted difference is that without DVC, the maximum volume may be a bit lower. Andre
  15. Erm, yes it will support all supported devices. And it won't support unsupported devices (e.g. if the Android firmware ROM does not provide access to high-res, even when an underlying chipset might have that feature). Andre
  16. Something seems to happen on the screen at that point too. Have you tried on any tracks that are not AAC encoded? (MP3, FLAC, etc) What happens if you increase the buffer size? Andre
  17. andrewilley

    The play length of songs with a picture

    This has always been possible if the length data encoded in the tags is not quiet how PA is expecting it. On the old versions with a regular seek bar, you would also have noticed that seeking to the start or end of the track could have unpredictable results too. Andre
  18. I get some very low background noise in non-high res output at very low levels too (it seems to pop up as the audio output goes to and from zero volume) . High res fixes that fine. Andre
  19. andrewilley

    Screenlock appears again

    Sounds like your device's lockscreen and PA's don't play well together. Turning one or the other off might help, but not what you really want to hear. Given that there will be no further development on PA v2 it might be worth you while trying the v3 test build 709 and see if that works any better for you? Andre
  20. andrewilley

    [709] A Song disappeared from my collection

    It would have taken a while to guess that one although at least I was on the right track with the issue being in the file's tags. You could rebuild the tags for that one in another app if you don't want to leave that setting turned off. Andre
  21. andrewilley

    Audio skips after update

    Only if the bitrates are horribly smaller. The filesize is based on bitrate (with extra for cover art if you've got large images in there too). A 128k WMA file should be about the same filesize as a 128k MP3. What bitrates are the two files you are comparing? (128k is the lowest I would even consider normally) Andre
  22. andrewilley

    [709] A Song disappeared from my collection

    You wouldn't be able to do anything other than play a file (from an external file manager) if the song hasn't been scanned into the Library (e.g. add it to a Playlist or remove it from the library). Do other files in the same folder scan OK? (And can you see it and/or them in the Folders view?) Andre
  23. andrewilley

    Audio skips after update

    The consensus seems to be that WMA handles very low bitrate encoding (e.g. 64kbps) somewhat better than the same bitrates in MP3 files, so it can sound better for very small file sizes. However on a like-for-like basis, using a decent MP3 encoder engine such as LAME, MP3 usually sounds better for larger bitrates (e.g. 128kbps and up). Personally I find around 192k VBR using LAME is the sweet spot where I can't easily tell an MP3 from the original. Andre
  24. What version of PA, are you using 709 or 790? (709 would be better to test with, as 790 doesn't so so much checking of whether the output options are valid or not) And what does your audio_policy.conf file indicate? Andre
  25. andrewilley

    [709] A Song disappeared from my collection

    Could be an issue with the specific song file's tag information. If you can force it to load from a file explorer, what does the tag info show? Andre