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Multiple file/folder selection

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Honestly, how long do we have to wait until we'll finally see a Multiple file/folder selection option in Poweramp? Is such a feature so hard to implement?

It's such a basic function that it's a disgrace to such a wonderful player such as Poweramp to NOT actually have it!

Respectfully, come on already!


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You actually can (although I admit it is fairly counter-intuitive!)


Go to the file/item list (from either Folder or Library views) and open the main menu, There, select "Add to playlist" and you will enter "multiple selection" mode... just click/touch the files/items you want to select/deselect.


Hope this helps.


I added a topic to suggest some enhancements to this function and make it faster as well as more intuitive:


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I can't believe the feature was ACTUALLY there and I didn't stumble upon it, not even once, by accident! @Helix751 thank you so much for replying and telling us how to access the multiple selection feature!

I have to agree, this feature is very poorly implemented, and VERY HARD to find! It definitely needs improvement.

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