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  1. i cant agree you all,so when does the option catch on?
  2. I used to think the [*.lrc] files are supposed to support to music players on mobile,but musicmatch has had enough lyrics to match music also foreign translation.
  3. Please provide (requests without these items will be deleted): HTC desire 10 Android™ 6.0 搭載HTC Sense™(stock ROM) Snapdragon 400 24-bit PCM http://www.htc.com/tw/smartphones/htc-desire-10-lifestyle/
  4. from this site:http://www.htc.com/tw/smartphones/htc-desire-10-lifestyle/,it said that it could support 24bit/96khz output function, and it equiped Snapdragon 400 cpu in android 6.0.
  5. HTC desire 10 has already supported to hi-res audio for 24bit/96khz, but v.703 doesn't support it.
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