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  1. I confirm I get the same errors. Also, if I want to access Streams from the library, the whole library freezes and I have to force close the app and open in again so that I can use it. The device that I am using is a Pocophone with the latest MIUI 11 global stable version, no root.
  2. Can you please tell what what settings do I need to change so that if I have for example CD1, CD2, CD3 into one folder, to not show as 3 separate albums? To have them show up as one single album? How do I do that?
  3. So I have reinstalled the app and this seems to have fixed the issue for now. I didn't import the previous settings, so this must have helped, I guess.
  4. I just did as you suggested and there's no improvement, unfortunately. Audio stutters and it didn't before. I wish I could downgrade to Oreo but that's not possible. I have MIUI 10 stable on Pocophone F1.
  5. I just updated to MIUI with AndroidPie and the audio now stutters when in background. I have no battery optimisation restrictions for Poweramp. This didn't happen before on Oreo. Can you please check this out?
  6. That you so much for making Poweramp better, I really love the new v3 version! I have one question regarding the icon. I have MIUI 10 and the icon looks a bit odd, as in the image enclosed. Is this the intended look, with that dark square in the background?
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