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  1. You actually can (although I admit it is fairly counter-intuitive!) Go to the file/item list (from either Folder or Library views) and open the main menu, There, select "Add to playlist" and you will enter "multiple selection" mode... just click/touch the files/items you want to select/deselect. Hope this helps. I added a topic to suggest some enhancements to this function and make it faster as well as more intuitive: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/7848-filefolderlibrary-browser-enhancementsfixes/#entry28572
  2. The file/folder/library browser could be enhanced with the following: Keep the "Filter" bar on top of the screen always while scrolling down the list. It's annoying that whith a long list of files you have to endlessly scroll back to the top to get access to the filter bar. A more efficient way to select multiple files/folders. Currently you have to counter-intuitively enter the main menu and select "add to list" to start selecting multiple files. It could be done by: swiping a file/folder/name to the right (adding the '+' selection sign to it and starting multiple selection mode; swiping to the left removes the selection) and then following files/folders/names may be selected by just clicking them as it works today. Add a context menu (click and hold over a file/folder/name) item for "Multiple select". In Folder view: Filter files/folders should also act over folder paths (not just the file name). This way, if I want to select all folders for an artist, say "Lindsey Stirling", I may filter for "Lindsey" and then just play/queue/add-to-a-list them all at once, instead of having to browse for each and every album name and add it to a list one at a time. A way to easily export filtered files to m3u/pls playlists instead of having to post-edit lists exported from the Settings menu o by external apps like 'Playlist Backup'. Also, more tolerance in swipe down/up/right/left over album cover, which skips track/changes playlist.. I would expect the skip track function to be much more common (indeed it is) than the skip playlist, so the swiping angle may be much wider for left/right than it is for up/down (120° left/120°right vs. 60°up/60°down). This is especially relevant when using the Block screen option (and even a disable "cover swipe in Block screen" would be a better option imho).
  3. It would help to have a Randomize option that shuffles all tracks in the selected playlist or Queue at once. This is different from shuffle playing, when the playing 'order' is the one being shuffled. This way, one would be able to play pre-shuffled tracks in order and resume it after pause.
  4. There's no way to get any shuffle option to work on the Queue. It simply ignores the shuffle setting and plays the list in order everytime. Regards
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