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  1. I confirm I get the same errors. Also, if I want to access Streams from the library, the whole library freezes and I have to force close the app and open in again so that I can use it. The device that I am using is a Pocophone with the latest MIUI 11 global stable version, no root.
  2. Can you please tell what what settings do I need to change so that if I have for example CD1, CD2, CD3 into one folder, to not show as 3 separate albums? To have them show up as one single album? How do I do that?
  3. So I have reinstalled the app and this seems to have fixed the issue for now. I didn't import the previous settings, so this must have helped, I guess.
  4. I just did as you suggested and there's no improvement, unfortunately. Audio stutters and it didn't before. I wish I could downgrade to Oreo but that's not possible. I have MIUI 10 stable on Pocophone F1.
  5. I just updated to MIUI with AndroidPie and the audio now stutters when in background. I have no battery optimisation restrictions for Poweramp. This didn't happen before on Oreo. Can you please check this out?
  6. That you so much for making Poweramp better, I really love the new v3 version! I have one question regarding the icon. I have MIUI 10 and the icon looks a bit odd, as in the image enclosed. Is this the intended look, with that dark square in the background?
  7. Those of you who have a rooted phone and the xposed module installed can use the Physical Button Music Control app in order to skip/play/pause track with the volume buttons, as well as the headset buttons. Here is more info on this: When the screen is off/locked/on this module allows you to: - send media play signals - send media next/previous signals - send volume up/down signals - launch app shortcut actions ...with any buttons your phone might have! And also: - Disable original button functions - Send a play signal when devices get plugged in - Send signals only when selected devices ar
  8. Yes, KUSOsan nailed it, this is exactly what I mean! I hope the dev adds an option to fix this soon!
  9. I can't believe the feature was ACTUALLY there and I didn't stumble upon it, not even once, by accident! @Helix751 thank you so much for replying and telling us how to access the multiple selection feature! I have to agree, this feature is very poorly implemented, and VERY HARD to find! It definitely needs improvement.
  10. Honestly, how long do we have to wait until we'll finally see a Multiple file/folder selection option in Poweramp? Is such a feature so hard to implement? It's such a basic function that it's a disgrace to such a wonderful player such as Poweramp to NOT actually have it! Respectfully, come on already!
  11. Could you please add an option to NOT remove the notification when the player is paused? Every time I pause, I have to get into the app drawer or desktop in order to lauch the app again.
  12. I currently use ikorolkov's Material Skin and Poweramp crashes every single time as soon as the display is off. I noticed that when I deactivate the "Use default skin" in the Lockscreen options, the crash doesn't happen. Could you please look into this bug and fix it?
  13. I have already tried Poweramp shaker and it does NOT work on my device at all! And for those users who have also tried this app, they comment that unfortunately it doesn't work when the screen is turned off. And I have tried other players such as Player Pro, Jetaudio and Stellio Player which already have the shake feature implemented (Stellio for example has even a volume button option to jump to next/previous track when long-pressing it) and they work flawlessly, but I want to be able to enjoy this feature in Poweramp, the player that I like most!
  14. Please add a SHAKE IT feature in order to be able to play next/previous song (e.g.: shake top to bottom or bottom to top to play next/previous song). I've paid for Poweramp, and before upgrading to Android Jelly Bean I was able to use the long press/double-triple press to jump to the next song, but now this function, as you well know, is being reserved by the system to Google Voice. Therefore it really bugs me that, in light of this, you haven't considered by now adding the shake feature for those of us who are unable to use the headset button to enjoy this function, especially since there are
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