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  1. That problem is related to the issue commented above (skinned menus and their related behavior don't work)
  2. The options are greyed out. 579: http://imgur.com/X937IJE 580: http://imgur.com/PPC9r5z
  3. There's a widget for that. Poweramp Share Widget
  4. I don't know what phone/ROM has the OP. I didn't say "you must install a custom ROM!". I just said that depending on the ROM he/she has, there may be the option to enable it without extra apps. For example, in MIUI there's no such option and one has to resort to those extra apps.
  5. It's actually a ROM dependant feature. Look for an option called "Playback control"... for example, in the ROM I'm using it's in the "Buttons" section, "Volume Buttons" subsection. EDIT: this is assuming that OP means changing the song with the volume buttons of the phone, not of the earphones.
  6. Uh, you CAN sort the list. Open the menu -> List Options.
  7. From my point of view, that seems to be some kind of incompatibility of the S-Cover player with Poweramp. It's not much Poweramp's fault <.<
  8. As mentioned in another topic, Poweramp is developed by A SINGLE PERSON. There isn't a "staff" of coders working on it.
  9. I must admit I use LuckyPatcher (for other apps) and I have never ran into a problem with Poweramp, they can coexist perfectly.
  10. Appearently it's indeed a CM issue, I'm using an AOSP based rom (using a 2015-04-29 build) and I don't experience the issue.
  11. I don't like to "necro" topics, but... has there been any advance on this? Ironically, even the Poweramp HD skins (that should be optimized already?) fail to load. I get this with White Plastic HD: failed to load skin /data/app/com.maxmpz.poweramp.skins.aluwhite-2/base.apk resetting to default
  12. Some things related to the issue: - The lockout happens randomly: for example, yesterday I was listening for more than one hour and a half and didn't have any problems... but today, it happened after 40 mins. - The problem appearently happens per app. When it happens on Poweramp I open Apollo (the CM player) and I can keep listening to music without restarting the phone. Phone: Samsung GS2 (i9100) ROM: CyanFox 2.0.2 (Android 4.4.2)
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