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File Listing by name problem: Numbers first


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I don't know, am I taking about a bug at all, but here I go...

Poweramp info: 2.0.10-build-575-play

Device model: Google Nexus 5

Android version: 5.1

No idea of a custom Rom, just read about what it means.


Because of reasons in ripping Audiobook parts (file naming system), I have all my parts within an Audiobook named by a number in front of the book's name.

Since every track is only few minutes in length, I have easily 100-400 parts within one book.

My problem is the following:

My files are named "Number - Audiobook's name", and Poweramp fails to order the listing correctly, because my numbers go from 01 to 100+.

Instead of the app listing them like 09, 10, 11... and continuing like that (this is how I want it), the app lists them like 09, 10, 100...109, 11, 110 etc.

I have gone through the folder and file options and read few forum articles which were close to my problem, but I haven't yet found a way to make this "right"

I haven't been messing at all with filters and shuffle options.

Is there a way to set this right or am I forced to rename the beginning files from 01 to 001 and so on?

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Do your individual files contain the track number set within the MP3 tag itself? If so, you could set the song sorting order to "By Track #" rather than by filename. Otherwise, you're right that the lack of that leading hundreds zero digit will cause you problems, unless you rename the 01-99 files as 001-099. You could probably create a batch task to do that, perhaps in a PC tool like Ant Renamer (http://www.antp.be/software/renamer) or similar?


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When I ripped the tracks, the ripping process asked me no other info than the Filename.

I just checked. They have no track info, no artist info, no info about the name of the track either.


I think that this is somehow...stupid. I noticed that Google Play Music can do what Poweramp cannot do (Google Play Music lists the tracks correctly only with one zero in front of 1-9)...but I shouldn't expect this to be..."fixed" in Poweramp then?


And what comes to renaming, I have a macro to it already, though I need to edit it to add the zeros between 1-99.

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Poweramp is doing a correct ASCII text sort. In the same way that any string starting with the character 'A' should come before anything starting with 'B', so any strings starting with '0' should come before those starting with '1', and then on to '2', and so on. The downside of this is that while the format '020' correctly sorts before '100', unfortunately in a proper ASCII sort '1xxxx' always comes before '2xxxx' (which mess up if you are using the numeric concept of "100 Title" and "20 Title").

There are more complex sorting algorithms which take numerical values within strings into account but Poweramp currently does not do that.

You could use a tag processing program to properly tag your files incidentally, TagScanner is the one I use on my PC, and you can set it to batch-process an entire directory tree of MP3 files, creating track number tags from the starts of the filenames, and using the rest for the track title, etc (or any more complex arrangements that you want to define to fully parse the filenames).

As this is really a feature request rather than a bug, I'm going to move it over to that forum.


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