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Would be great if there were a way to select all iteams between 2 iteams, akin to shift+select in Windows on PC.

Like if you could long-press to select one list entry, scroll down to another entry and long-press that entry to select all entries between the two (including the latter entry), then scroll to another entry and do the same (leaving a group of entries unselected between 2 groups of selected entries) or if you were to long-press that entry (3rd one pressed) select all between it and the last manually sected iteam.


Would save tones of time if this functionality could also be used to rearrange multiple playlist entries as well. 

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Yes, this one has been asked a number of times in the past and I personally agree that it would be very helpful. A simple long-press while already in the song-selection mode should do it - which would select all of the songs between the previously tapped song and the current long-pressed one.

Also this resulting selection should be moveable up and down as a combined group in any screens where the side-thumbs currently allow single songs to be grabbing and moved up and down lists - such as in the editing screens for Playlists and the Queue.


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