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  1. Thank you a million. Now I don't need to rename hundreds of pieces anymore to create one list, but I can copy the folders and play them. Here's a cookie and a pat on your shoulder ^^
  2. Greetings! I had no idea how to even put this thing I am thinking about in words for a topic, so obviously searching for a topic already existing about it was very difficult for me (so forgive me if this is already asked/solved). --- I have an Audiobook. It has 21 CDs, so I have 21 Folders, where the files are I wish to listen through Poweramp App. The question is, can I somehow tell Poweramp to move automatically from the last file in Folder 01 to the first file in Folder 02 as I keep listening? Thanks in advance!
  3. Erm. Okay...umm. I don't know. But I renamed my files to have three numbers now, and I'll use that system from now on.
  4. When I ripped the tracks, the ripping process asked me no other info than the Filename. I just checked. They have no track info, no artist info, no info about the name of the track either. I think that this is somehow...stupid. I noticed that Google Play Music can do what Poweramp cannot do (Google Play Music lists the tracks correctly only with one zero in front of 1-9)...but I shouldn't expect this to be..."fixed" in Poweramp then? And what comes to renaming, I have a macro to it already, though I need to edit it to add the zeros between 1-99.
  5. I don't know, am I taking about a bug at all, but here I go... Poweramp info: 2.0.10-build-575-play Device model: Google Nexus 5 Android version: 5.1 No idea of a custom Rom, just read about what it means. --- Because of reasons in ripping Audiobook parts (file naming system), I have all my parts within an Audiobook named by a number in front of the book's name. Since every track is only few minutes in length, I have easily 100-400 parts within one book. My problem is the following: My files are named "Number - Audiobook's name", and Poweramp fails to order the listing correctly, because my numbers go from 01 to 100+. Instead of the app listing them like 09, 10, 11... and continuing like that (this is how I want it), the app lists them like 09, 10, 100...109, 11, 110 etc. I have gone through the folder and file options and read few forum articles which were close to my problem, but I haven't yet found a way to make this "right" I haven't been messing at all with filters and shuffle options. Is there a way to set this right or am I forced to rename the beginning files from 01 to 001 and so on?
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