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  1. @andrewilley I too have musicbee on my PC but haven't noticed it mess around with my tags.
  2. It is, isn't it? I did a full rescan then I changed the folder to scan and did a full rescan. And finally I changed it back and did a full rescan. Nothing of those worked.
  3. Yeah. That's what I did. I added a space. Hope this doesn't happen again.
  4. Yeah. You're right. But thanks for the fix.
  5. @andrewilley Changing the file name fixed it. Any idea what caused it?
  6. @andrewilley Here is a copy of the mp3 New York City
  7. @andrewilley This is a screenshot of how it appears This is my other music player :
  8. @andrewilley I need a quick fix. A new song I got does not show tags and album art even though it has them. I tried scanning and full rescan Ning. I tried changing the folder and changing it back with scanning all along the way. But still it won't appear. It appears in other music players.
  9. Thanks @andrewilley for all the help. I will make an another thread about the notification bug.
  10. @andrewilley The second issue you've addressed here is not in the sense I meant it. I meant that when I click on all songs, which is the category I always listen from, there is a shuffle button on top. And when I click that shuffle button, it shuffles all tracks and categories. I just want it to be shuffling all tracks. I can make it so from the main UI. But not from my start screen. The clicking on list item to go to main UI is pretty much solved but the point you put forward there is a solid one. The scroll bar problem is almost solved too but now I can't go to the top in one click
  11. Okay@andrewilley I'll try my best to list whatever comes to mind here. - There should be a feature to go to the playback list of the trecks that are now playing. - An option in the settings to disable categories and make shuffle at the top of the library much simpler for those who like it. - There is an option to to disable 'click to restart track' in the settings. When it's disabled, clicking on the track that's playing does nothing, instead it should go to the now playing page. - This feature is an extension of the playback list one, where the user can move the tracks ar
  12. @andrewilley I know Poweramp has Playlist option but there's no other features that I mentioned above. Those are cool features that almost everyone will appreciate.
  13. OK @andrewilley I'm not saying that Poweramp should copy anything. I was just giving an example out of my experience. But the process of creating these Playlist and all seem too tedious. I'm pretty sure the users of Poweramp are missing out on a lot of features, not UI tweaks, that have capped the flexibility. Also creating Playlists is an absolute basic feature that almost all music players have.
  14. Ay@andrewilley that was very helpful. It solved a problem and I feel much more at peace rn
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