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How to access a created playlist if the display is broken?


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I had a galaxy s4 on which i created a playlist in Poweramp. The display of the galaxy s4 suddenly broke and buyed a new phone. I looked for the playlist on my old phone by connecting it to a computer and looking through the folders. But I couldn't find my Poweramp playlist.


Where are the playlists saved, when i didn't export them?


Is there a posibillity of exporting the playlist without using the display of the device?





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One solution if you can boot your old phone would be to remote screen access it from a PC - Google or a site like xda-developers can tell you how, but http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/42491/how-to-remote-view-and-control-your-android-phone/ would be a starting point that I think ought to work without needing to actually do anything on the phone itself. Then you could export the playlists and copy them to your new device.


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