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Found 5 results

  1. Super mad. I Updated. Then was looking through my playlists and noticed my ratings were all gone. I even have one giant playlist with every single song on it so I could export to SD card and keep the ratings backed up. I Exported and opened it on the PC, and all the ratings were reset to 0. I lost thousands of ratings AGAIN. How that could happen? I don't know and i wish I would have thought to change the folder of the last saved export so it didn't overwrite one that might have had most of the ratings, but there's nothing I can do now and for sure this is garbage not being able to read the embedded ratings. There should at least be an option to "import all ratings from embedded files". One click of a button could scan my 14,000 song library and get all of my embedded ratings. Then I could decide whether or not I manage them in Poweramp and export backups to keep them or continue to update the embedded ratings using a PC. I spent weeks of free time trying to manually add them in Poweramp only to lose them AGAIN before I even got halfway through. I mean, even if you remember to backup your settings regularly, what happens if your exported backup gets lost or corrupt? When I updated my from my last phone, I exported my settings and when I installed Poweramp on the new phone and tried to import the backup it crashed every time. That happens all the time going from really old to newer devices.
  2. Hi everybody, I couldn’t find a settings for saving rating stars to music file. I want to rate my music with PA, and when I transfer them to my PC, I want to see them as rated. I see when I rate a song in BlackPlayer and transfer it to my pc, it’s shown. Can I do the same for PA? Thanks for great app devs. Ibrahim.
  3. Hi guys. I need help regarding exporting my Music library in text format. I know this isn't related to Poweramp, but is there any way I can export my complete Music library in text format. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. (note - I don't have a PC right now)
  4. Hi guys. I'm sorry if this was posted before. Is there any way to export a visualization to video? Like for any specific song I'm using unlocked Poweramp on Android Samsung s10e Thanks!
  5. Hello there, yesterday I exported my power amp playlists to a folder on my internal storage. Next I copied all my music from my old SD Card to my new SD Card via PC. After inserting the new SD Card to my phone and relocating the exported playlists from my internal storage to the music folder of my new SD Card, the playlists were still visible in Poweramp and they also seemed to be filled with the correct songs, but the songs weren't playable because "the storage has been deleted". Also power amp shows up each and every song twice and registers 29 playlists (correct) and 5700 songs (incorrect, I only have half as much in my music folder). It would be great for me if someone had some time to help me. Greetings Jerry
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