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activation with email address


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i created an account on my android device using stock aosp email app. I did not use a gmail account (i dont have, I dont want to have), just an email address from a good email service provider.


I bought the app on the website, and indicated my email address in the corresponding field.

However I have not received yet the confirmation email from propay (or whatever it is called)



My device does not have (and wont have) any app from google.

Can i activate Poweramp with a normal (good) email address?


It is funny. I have spent over 100 EUR on a dictionary app, with a very simple one-time online license verification, and now I am only spending less than 4 EUR, but the license verification process of Poweramp is so troublesome that it makes the whole thing more expensive than spending 100 EUR


Is there an email address I can email to for getting support with the activation process?


Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I sent an email yesterday, with the order number in the subject field.


My credit card has been charged, but I ve got no payment confirmation email from the payment gateway provider.


When I bought the app, the email address that I wrote down in the personal information field (which i believe is needed for the payment process) was different than the one I put in the "your google/email account as specified in settings=>accounts" field.

Do i need to have both email accounts on my email app so that they can be found on settings=>accounts?


Will i receive a specific unlocker.apk by email, or i am supposed to download it?



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