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Found 11 results

  1. I have trouble in restore my purchase, it shows me "NO_MORE_ACTIVATIONS_LEFT". I have update my device in last week, but only one device use Poweramp. This Android system always process OTA updates, so I think this make Poweramp report error. Could you add my activations, I use Poweramp everyday. my email address is: t*g<at>gmail.com Thanks
  2. Hi, I bought Poweramp some time ago, directly through the site. I changed the email I use on the phone account and now the license doesn't verify (I still have the previous one, but I don't use it on phones anymore). Of course, if I add the old address once to activate then it will fail the next time it tries to check. Can you transfer the license to another email account? I can provide the purchase invoice and everything. Thanks
  3. Alright, after being declined from the googleplay store, I bought it from the website, but can't figure out how to activate it from: 4. in Poweramp Settings use Already Purchased? => Website Can anyone help me out? I don't know how to download the non-play version. I got the non-play version, but am having problems with this step: 4. in Poweramp Settings use Already Purchased? => Website
  4. Hello sir, What's the activation limit on Poweramp ? I thought there's should not be any limit , I often format my mobile for several purpose & each time used to activate my purchased Poweramp , but today found "APM response - 500 NO_MORE_ACTIVATIONS_LEFT" :(. Please solve this issue & Grant me for further activations . Thank You . PS: Well I've already sent request to Poweramp support from the Poweramp's support button on 3rd November (1.5 months ago) , still got no response from them . . Hence reporting here
  5. sir/ ma'am, I have query actually I am using two android phones one Moto X and second Yu yureka , I have purchased power-amp from your website. I have a problem if I am using I want to use power-amp from one same id or different id. or I have to buy one time from my different id. tell me what to do.
  6. axel13885

    ID installation

    Where i can find my purchase ID code? I need it because Poweramp asked it when i make an installation in a new device, please help me, thank you!
  7. vithuran

    Missing playlists

    Poweramp requested that i renew my license or something. By the way, I did pay for the app on google play store, i did not pirate the app. After connecting to wifi, i tried to renew my license but it just said pending... and then failed. So i was forced to reinstall the application. This happened to work and my license got renewed but....my recently added playlists got deleted, my playlists made using the Poweramp app was missing, album art etc. I was able to recover the files because when i reinstalled the app, it made a new folder instead of replacing the old one. I copied and pasted the files into the new directory for the Poweramp app and i got all my album art and recently added playlist back. However, I did not get my mannually added playlists back. I used Poweramp to make those playlists, why can't i recover that playlists? I have over 600 songs organized into playlists and I am not going to do it again! Please tell me if i can still recover those files. I tried rescanning folders and lists in the Poweramp settings but i didn't get any of the playlists i made.
  8. i created an account on my android device using stock aosp email app. I did not use a gmail account (i dont have, I dont want to have), just an email address from a good email service provider. I bought the app on the website, and indicated my email address in the corresponding field. However I have not received yet the confirmation email from propay (or whatever it is called) Why? My device does not have (and wont have) any app from google. Can i activate Poweramp with a normal (good) email address? It is funny. I have spent over 100 EUR on a dictionary app, with a very simple one-time online license verification, and now I am only spending less than 4 EUR, but the license verification process of Poweramp is so troublesome that it makes the whole thing more expensive than spending 100 EUR Is there an email address I can email to for getting support with the activation process? Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. i dont want to use my current gmail account anymore,so can i use a new account instead for activation?
  10. I've bought the license today(not the unlocker but a serial), so far I have 2 devices, can I activate it on both devices?
  11. leonardoss

    Unlocker apk

    Hello, I change my cellphone and i need the apk to active my Poweramp. I don't know where , in my e-mail, where the apk are. Can you send to me? Thank you