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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I bought Poweramp some time ago, directly through the site. I changed the email I use on the phone account and now the license doesn't verify (I still have the previous one, but I don't use it on phones anymore). Of course, if I add the old address once to activate then it will fail the next time it tries to check. Can you transfer the license to another email account? I can provide the purchase invoice and everything. Thanks
  2. Доброго времени суток. Являюсь давним пользователем сего чуда программной мысли. Достаточно давно купил программу, оплатив через киви(если память не изменяет) Очень часто получал ошибку активации, после обновления сервисов Гугл плей (Google Play Services). И, для восстановления активации приходилось делать танцы с бубном: -удаление программы -скачивание non-GP версии (v2) -установка/активация её -обновление до последней версии, т.к. являюсь бета тестировщиком(подписан на канал бета обновлений) Сейчас же, после очередного обновления и гп сервисов и плеера - провернул танцы с бубном описанные выше, но после обновления я получил ошибку 500 и, соответственно, программа жалуется на отсутствие активации. Что делать и как бороться!? При этом, параллельно, при подключении интернете получаю данную ошибку:
  3. Hi. I purchased the non Google play version some years ago. I update to v3 and i was so happy, but some days ago it told me that can't check my activation, I suppose that is because when it was updated, it was downloaded from Google play. On web the link to download the non Google play v3 is broken, so I can't use my player, now I'm using v2 as always with my activation, but I want to use the v3. Is The APK of v3 no Google play edition on another place? Thanks in advance.
  4. (I contacted support but no answer so I try my luck here) I'm really happy there is an option for a non Google license purchase. However the limitations are quite drastic. - only one device (whereas a lot - unlimited ?- with Google account) but I can live with that. At least 2 (phone + tablet) would be better - The real issue :only 10 activations. Why is that? I reinstall my phone from time to time, try a different rom... If I use all activations, can I contact support to reset them? Thanks for reading !
  5. Hey so I recently switched from a nougat AOSP ROM to a Pie ROM and I cannot for the life of me get Poweramp to activate. It keeps failing the license check. I've tried installing and uninstalling the apps in various orders from the play store. BOther Beta and Stable versions. I've tried the apk from apkmirror as well as this site but to no avail. It simply refuses to activate. What should I do? PS I originally bought license from playstore. Current app version is v3 build 803.
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