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  1. I tried an app called "music everywhere" but rewind/fast forward didnt work with Poweramp. Also, this app does not allow much customization (appear on top of selected apps only, size, transparency, save position,...), and development halted apparently a couple of years ago. Some chinese music apps have floating lyrics, but that's not music control. Is there any floating music control app fully working with Poweramp?
  2. I own a sony sbh headset with volume and track buttons that can fast forward / rewind. I love it, but it's bulky. I am looking for a minimal headset,something like BeatsX, volume control on one side, track control on the other, and the cable going behind the neck. Any suggestion?
  3. I like Poweramp 3 except that it does no longer allow to hide the bar with the menu and visualization buttons and the shuffle buttons. I am using the latest alpha version and I tried to look for the setting a few times.. but maybe I just could not find it? Without the ugly alpha in the icon, I wouldn't even notice this is an alpha version. not related but I had to say, that I am dissapointed that lyrics have not improved. no support for lrc files.
  4. I am happy that Poweramp is finally able to read lyrics from Flac metadata. The problem is that Poweramp only reads lyrics from the "Lyrics" metadata field. Could you guys please make a setting where users can tell Poweramp where to look for Lyrics? In my case, i would tell Poweramp to get lyrics from "Unsynced Lyrics" field first, and if nothing found there in the "Lyrics" field (the latter is the field where I store timestamped lyrics). Obviously different people use different names for Lyrics fields, as there is no convention, so that is why this feature should not be hardcoded. Btw, it is a pity that Poweramp does not scroll lyrics automatially according to the timestamp on each line. Could it be possible that Poweramp at least hide the timestamps [mm:ss] ? Thank you
  5. I sent an email yesterday, with the order number in the subject field. My credit card has been charged, but I ve got no payment confirmation email from the payment gateway provider. When I bought the app, the email address that I wrote down in the personal information field (which i believe is needed for the payment process) was different than the one I put in the "your google/email account as specified in settings=>accounts" field. Do i need to have both email accounts on my email app so that they can be found on settings=>accounts? Will i receive a specific unlocker.apk by email, or i am supposed to download it? Thanks
  6. i created an account on my android device using stock aosp email app. I did not use a gmail account (i dont have, I dont want to have), just an email address from a good email service provider. I bought the app on the website, and indicated my email address in the corresponding field. However I have not received yet the confirmation email from propay (or whatever it is called) Why? My device does not have (and wont have) any app from google. Can i activate Poweramp with a normal (good) email address? It is funny. I have spent over 100 EUR on a dictionary app, with a very simple one-time online license verification, and now I am only spending less than 4 EUR, but the license verification process of Poweramp is so troublesome that it makes the whole thing more expensive than spending 100 EUR Is there an email address I can email to for getting support with the activation process? Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. thanks max for your reply. I can see why your lyrics commercial partners may not want Poweramp to retrieve lyrics from free online services. And unfortunately, I guess that is exactly what many people is asking to have, since normal people would hate to have to save lyrics to tags. But there is nothing illegal with saving text to your music files tags. In fact, Poweramp v1 was able to do that the way many users like. So what I am requesting is to extend lyrics support to OGG/FLAC tags, as well as id3v1 + id3v2. Poweramp can show that flac files have on their tags, but for some reason it skips showing the LYRICS field. Now the other issue is that people want lyrics to be shown automatically. That is pretty straightforward to do with embedded lyrics (as Poweramp v1 was doing), but seems not so easy with commercial lyrics providers.Is it too much to ask that Poweramp can show embedded lyrics automatically and also allow searching for lyrics though commercial lyrics partners (the latter involving starting another app)? Thanks
  8. - ogg lyrics tags support (.ogg, .flac) - id3v1 or id3v2 (at least one is not supported) - timestamped lyrics support (aka .lrc): no matter Poweramp will add synchronous autoscroll or not (which of course would also be very welcomed), at least should clean up the timestamps and show scrollable static lyrics. - font size setting (already requested somewhere else) - THE LYRICS PANEL: I would love to have an option to automatically show lyrics, And another option to whether show lyrics over album art or totally disable album art so lyrics are shown over black background. I do not like at all having to go to menu to access lyrics. I would like lyrics to be integrated in the player interface, so that one can navigate the song and the lyrics simultaneously (i m afraid this has changed in the wrong direction with Poweramp 2.0) The big addition would be to have the ability to long press on lyrics to select text for copying it to clipboard or export it to a dictionary like Fora Dictionary (they have an api already used by other apps like FBreader). ------------------------------------------------ IMO this is one of the two big areas where Poweramp could improve a lot (the other one is Headset Control) Hope this comments are useful. Thanks.
  9. +1 will be requesting this again on a more comprehensive thread about lyrics
  10. I have already replied to another thread about the same issue, but this one has a better title. This is one of the two big missing features on Poweramp. It sucks to have to install an app like Headset Droid when Poweramp is the only app I want to control with the mic button. The settings I use: - click: pause/play (this one is already supported) - long click: rewind - click + long click: fast forward - click + click + long press: reset volume to 30% and increase the volume until the key is released - click + click: next track - click + click + click: previous track
  11. This is a big one. Support for mic button long press and multiple presses. It sucks to have to install an app like Headset Droid when Poweramp is the only app I want to control with the mic button. The settings I use: - click: pause/play (this one is already supported) - long click: rewind - click + long click: fast forward - click + click + long press: reset volume to 30% and increase the volume until the key is released - click + click: next track - click + click + click: previous track
  12. dieharddan I am with you if social crap ever gets integrated I will just puke all over it
  13. That sounds scary ever heard of ogg, flac?
  14. afaik Poweramp v2.0 supports this for Flac files
  15. -1 Please do not convert Poweramp into spyware
  16. the problem maybe should be that in PAv2 there is no way to automatically show lyrics over album art. I do not like v2 way of showing lyrics neither. I would prefer to show lyrics instead of album art. I guess I will post a Lyrics request on my own, sorry for resurrecting this thread
  17. for syncing and backups, give MyPhoneExplorer a try
  18. In Windows you have Foobar2000, which is is probably the best audio player on that platform. Much better than Winamp for sure, and it is free. The only thing with Foobar2000 is that afaik it is not opensource. For this reason you should give VLC a try also. Frankly, with Foobar2000 there, I do not see market for a new audio player on Windows, unless Windows 8 comes to change everything and folks want PA on their tablets. But I for one wont be using Windows on mobile devices, and Windows 8 is horrible for a laptop or desktop computer, so I will stick to Win XP, 7 or Linux on this kind of hardware.
  19. While not sure what do you mean by "mobile payment", it looks that that will only work for local purchases. Actually one of the greatest things of Poweramp is the flexibility of payment. Others apps force you to go through the abomination of the Android Market If you need a credit card, ask your local bank for an anonymous prepaid virtual card or if you are underage, ask someone to order a gift card for you
  20. -1 Google music is google's proprietary technology to sell music. I do not see how can crappy google/apple/amazon/adobe/M$'s drm garbage can easily integrate with Poweramp keeping it as bullshitless as it is. Well, PA dev could decide to include that feature because Google pays him for doing so... but that would look like PA getting ads.
  21. supported on Poweramp v2.0 (not sure if v1.x too)
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