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license: 10 activations limit?


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(I contacted support but no answer so I try my luck here)


I'm really happy there is an option for a non Google license purchase.



However the limitations are quite drastic.

- only one device (whereas a lot - unlimited ?- with Google account) but I can live with that. At least 2 (phone + tablet) would be better


- The real issue :only 10 activations. Why is that? I reinstall my phone from time to time, try a different rom...


If I use all activations, can I contact support to reset them?


Thanks for reading !

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9 hours ago, maxmp said:

Activation counter increases on device change (not increasing for same device activation). If you’re out of activations, please write to support - they will add more - provided the license is not pirated. Thanks!


can u Explain more information?

i see this text :

 Poweramp v3 (build 800+) Poweramp license is per one device / Email Account combination. Limited number of re-activations available (10). No Google Account / Services are required.
what is that mean ? if i reinstall Poweramp 10 time in one device , license Will it be revoked?

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