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Poweramp can't find music or do full rescan KitKat 4.4.4

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I've updated my Galaxy S2 to Neatrom v6 KitKat 4.4.4 from Jelly bean 4.1.2(Sammy stock) and ever since Poweramp is unable to find my music on my phone. I do not have any Microsd inserted and all my music is on INTERNAL SD and it is unable to find my mp3 files even if leave alone for scaning for hours! I installed it from play store and it seems like V559 (latest?)


I thought it might be a bug in new app. So luckily I had titanium backup of Poweramp from 4.1.2 ROM , I did a quick restore and found same issue (backup version was v339 something). It can't scan my music files ,I ticked on and off - Folders and library >folder/library scanner > auto scan off and status scan off. Several times but no affect. I can't even select music folders,it never finish loading nor show any folders for selection.


Fun thing is that every other music app like double twist,Google music,Jetaudio, stock music app works fine. Which means my internal SD is fine. Funny thing is that Poweramp list some game sound files of RR3 stored in /android/data/<RR3>. It also play music when run through ES explorer

I've got catlog installed ,let me know if you need it

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You are not the first person to report this issue on experimental 4.4.4 ROMs, does it still happen if you roll back to and earlier backup of an older ROM? Also, can you get to the Get Support feature and send a bug report from there (click on the Menu button within the Get Support screen to see the Contact link).


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After last update of Poweramp from google play, refresh mediastore never finish and take 50% cpu.

Please fix it. CyanogenMod 11, android 4.4.4, Galaxy SII I9100.

Its stable cyanogenmod build, not experemental. Player pro and other apps works well on this ROM.

Can't contact to support. Its owful. I can't even send report fom app - i click send, but nothing happens((

No updates in google play available, unable to use this app- it took all my battery for scanning((((


Is it possible to download older version of APK?

Its too sad to rollback ROM because of only one app((

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Hi there,


I've got the same issue.


I'm running the paid version of Poweramp on Samsung Galaxy S3 (I9300) with Slimkat (Kitkat 4.4.2.) installed.

It takes hours to scan the folders. I already formatted the external SD card with sdFormatter on my PC. But it doesn't helped.


Also it shows the emulated and the external SD as two devices - so by default all music files will appear twice in the library. I have to deselect the emulated drive in order to get it properly work.


Please help with an update for this great music player app.




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H just moved to KitKat 4.4.2 on SGS5.  I have the latest as of now Poweramp Full Version.

Poweramp can see all drives in the internal memory, but it cannot find any MP3 files from my external SD card.  In fact , when I try to use "Folders" function to add more music to library, the only folders listed are from internal memory.  I cannot even point to external card. 

I know that KitKat restricts write access to SD, but it is not clear why it does not read SD card content. 


I just want to add that other programs have no problem accessing SD card (for reading of course).

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OK - solved.  Uninstall and install again solved the issue.  While Poweramp still did not pick up music from external SD automatically, now I could see the External SD card in settings, so I could manually add /storage/extSdCard/ subfolders and rescan and I can see my music files again.

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Poweramp scans all folders and files inside folders selected in Poweramp Settings / Folders and Library / Music Folders.

Thus, Poweramp usually checks locations outside system media scanner visibility and thus probability of finding and crashing on/freezing (this is unavoidable Android OS or actually, FS driver, feature) invalid file.


Also, Poweramp is more sensitive to this kinds of sd card errors as (for memory optimization) it runs its scanner in the same process as main app. We will move our scanner to separate process most probably to raise stability even on broken sd card.


Though, broken FAT sd card will accumulate errors and some data will be lost - and Poweramp failure here is a good indication of need for testing SD card/fixing errors on it.



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The same in my case.
Poweramp can't stop scanning folders. After 3h the battery is dead. Yes - all my music is on sd card.
I tried reinstalling but it didn't help.

Poweramp full version.
Samsung Galaxy SII, Android 4.4., CM 11-20140909-Nightly

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Just experienced this on Android 5.0.1


To fix the problem, I used application manager to "force stop" Poweramp, then cleared the cache.  Reload Poweramp, rescan, data is there.  It did however wipe the custom playlist I had created within Poweramp.  Other playlists as imported from iTunes worked fine.

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