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  1. Just experienced this on Android 5.0.1 To fix the problem, I used application manager to "force stop" Poweramp, then cleared the cache. Reload Poweramp, rescan, data is there. It did however wipe the custom playlist I had created within Poweramp. Other playlists as imported from iTunes worked fine.
  2. I ended up re-assigning metadata with Itunes for this problematic album, then resyncing to my phone with iSyncr, and one of those two things fixed the problem. FWIW, my problem was that this album is one of several in a playlist I defined, so sorting by track number definitely wasn't an option. The preferred solution is to have multiple sort orders so that 1) by album 2) by track # is possible. Anywho, problem solved. Cheers, Tom
  3. This is news to me, but exactly what I'm looking for. How do you sort by one thing and *then* another? I only see an option to click one sort button at a time and I tried doing one then the other to no avail.
  4. If you have Lollipop and ID3 tags aren't showing up on your car stereo deck, it is likely due to a change in how Android deals with a Bluetooth feature called "AVRCP". Apparently the OS changed this in some significant way when it was rev'd from 4.x to 5.x. Prior to my phone updating its OS, everything was very cool with my Pioneer aftermarket deck. After the update, no tags, no control of the phone via the deck's skip forward / backward buttons. It turns out that my pioneer deck's family had this problem much earlier with Iphone devices. See here: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUS
  5. None of the stuff anybody mentioned fixed my problem. However, my phone received the Kitkat 4.4 update this morning. Here's a quick recap where Bluetooth, the Galaxy S4, and gapless playback are concerned: Android 4.2 = win Android 4.3 = broken Android 4.4 = win As a nice bonus, 4.4 is also now pushing a progress bar to my car stereo screen indicating time elapsed / remaining for the track being played. For the sake of 4.3 users out there, I hope you guys take a look at overcoming the bad behavior of the BT stack. For what it's worth, I tried another player and it didn't have the prob
  6. Oh, here's an important clue (maybe) The bluetooth pause problem NEVER happens if the phone screen is on AND Poweramp is on the screen showing the track actually playing. It's only if the app is running in the background that the bluetooth pause is inserted. Please help! Tom
  7. Hi there, really hoping somebody can give me a secret-sauce recipe to fix my problem. Samsung Galaxy S4, recently updated itself to kernel 4.3 When playing techno or Pink Floyd where the songs are intended to blend together, Poweramp inserts a brief "pause" command when switching from one track to the next. I know it's a "pause" command because my car stereo is showing the command and then it quickly disappears as Poweramp moves on to the next track. This behavior does NOT occur with headphones plugged in. Strangely, I have seen Poweramp not insert the pause on a couple of occasions w
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