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  1. It looks like it was not sd card failure. Android 4.4 has a bug on fat32 system(as my sd card was formatted). Possible walkaround it to format sd card to exFat. More info can be found here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2612329 But for me it does not works - Poweramp full rescan still stucks some times on new sd card((
  2. Thanks for your help! It looks like it is sd card failure. Problem was solved by formatting sd card. But it is still strange, that other apps works well with music on sd card before format.
  3. After last update of Poweramp from google play, refresh mediastore never finish and take 50% cpu. Please fix it. CyanogenMod 11, android 4.4.4, Galaxy SII I9100. Its stable cyanogenmod build, not experemental. Player pro and other apps works well on this ROM. Can't contact to support. Its owful. I can't even send report fom app - i click send, but nothing happens(( No updates in google play available, unable to use this app- it took all my battery for scanning(((( Is it possible to download older version of APK? Its too sad to rollback ROM because of only one app((
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