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  1. I've updated my Galaxy S2 to Neatrom v6 KitKat 4.4.4 from Jelly bean 4.1.2(Sammy stock) and ever since Poweramp is unable to find my music on my phone. I do not have any Microsd inserted and all my music is on INTERNAL SD and it is unable to find my mp3 files even if leave alone for scaning for hours! I installed it from play store and it seems like V559 (latest?) I thought it might be a bug in new app. So luckily I had titanium backup of Poweramp from 4.1.2 ROM , I did a quick restore and found same issue (backup version was v339 something). It can't scan my music files ,I ticked on and off - Folders and library >folder/library scanner > auto scan off and status scan off. Several times but no affect. I can't even select music folders,it never finish loading nor show any folders for selection. Fun thing is that every other music app like double twist,Google music,Jetaudio, stock music app works fine. Which means my internal SD is fine. Funny thing is that Poweramp list some game sound files of RR3 stored in /android/data/<RR3>. It also play music when run through ES explorer I've got catlog installed ,let me know if you need it
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