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  1. Can someone point me to how I can switch off this visualisation effect. I've checked the Equalizer screen Spec.... slider but it's always on. It looks great but I just want album art. Thanks
  2. What is the version 705? I have 703 play which one do i install to get High res on a Z5?
  3. Is there going to be a list of suported devices? Thanks
  4. Oh Ok the preamp slider, I have tried that. So whats causing the attenuation when using the DVC setting? I guess it's that Poweramp is not using the 2x AKM 4490 Dacs in the X5iii.
  5. Thanks clever_man Preamp regulator? can you explain
  6. Spoke too soon.... It still adds the folders on the other card. Looks like I cant scan just one folder on one card unless I take the other out out. Its Poweramps manual scanning thats the problem.
  7. I think it was the Auto scan . I unticked this and manual folder list is in control....
  8. I have a fiio X5iii and the volume was very low compared to other player Apps. By turning off DVC the volume went back to the regular volume level. What am I missing ? Is this something that need to be sorted by the hardware manufacturers or Max?
  9. Looks OK now. Yes the Sd card seems to remove itself periodically and has to be refreshed? I have an audio book reader app working Ok with it though.
  10. I've reinstalled and seems ok now. I've selected the folder and then deselected and its doing what it should? This is a Fiio X5iii and I think the second SD card is a bit iffy.
  11. Looks like the Audio Book reader app has placed a tag in the folder to prevent other mp3 apps from reading the folder. I guess Poweramp is ignoring this? Ok will remove card and see what it does.
  12. I've renamed it Audio books2 and it still tags the files in that folder in Full Rescan. I've cleared the app data and it still adds the folder. I think this has too many options for scanning library.... they must be conflicting. Auto-find music folders Folders/library scanner ... unticked Auto-scan music folders..... set to mnt/external_sd1/Music Full rescan Still adds folder tags from new mnt/external_sd2/Audio books2 I think this is a bug....
  13. internal_sd external_sd1 external_sd2 I have mnt/internal_sd mnt/external_sd1/Music mnt/external_sd2/Audio books I imported the Audio books folder but now have an App for the books so decided to remove the books from Poweramp. Just does not remove them now when I do a Full Rescan. I'm guessing the full folders /library search includes every location and is ignoring the selected. Or selected has not cleared the original scanned setting?
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