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  1. OK - solved. Uninstall and install again solved the issue. While Poweramp still did not pick up music from external SD automatically, now I could see the External SD card in settings, so I could manually add /storage/extSdCard/ subfolders and rescan and I can see my music files again.
  2. H just moved to KitKat 4.4.2 on SGS5. I have the latest as of now Poweramp Full Version. Poweramp can see all drives in the internal memory, but it cannot find any MP3 files from my external SD card. In fact , when I try to use "Folders" function to add more music to library, the only folders listed are from internal memory. I cannot even point to external card. I know that KitKat restricts write access to SD, but it is not clear why it does not read SD card content. I just want to add that other programs have no problem accessing SD card (for reading of course).
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