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On older versions of Poweramp I was able to use the generes as i currently have them saved on their id3 tags, such as the following 3 examples:


- Garage / Psychodelic / 60's / Classic - Rock

- Speed / Classic / Power / Heavy - Metal

- Death / Black / Thrash - Metal


Right now when I synchronize the songs the tags are now all separated, the above will have multiple tags such as


- Garage

- Psychodelic

- 60's

- Classic - Rock

- Speed

- Power

- Heavy - Metal


Was anything changed on this section? I still have older songs sorted out the right way, showing a single genere tag with multiple descriptions, instead of them being separated..


any ideas?


The tags still remain the same on the songs, so that doesn't change on the tag, but it seems the program separates it now.






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A recent update added "/" as a separator for multiple items within tags (in addition to using ";"), so "Rock/Pop" would be filed under "Rock" and also "Pop". Perhaps this might be best kept optional, for users who want to use a slash within a single category though?


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