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Merge homogeneous names

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Some singers and bands have different names in different countries or regions, but PowerAmplifier treats the same person as different singers just because of these different titles, resulting in songs that are actually the same person being judged to be two people, and the songs under their names are scattered. Can developer add a function to the scanner that allows singers with different titles to be considered as one singer? The same is true for album titles, some of which have different names in different countries and regions.

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Poweramp uses Title and Artist tags as unique indexes, even a single letter different will mean they get treated as different items. That is by design.

For Artists, you could edit the artist tags so in such cases they contain both names. So if aaaa and bbbb are actually the same artist but with different regional spellings, you could set all of the Artist tags for their tracks to either "aaaa ; bbbb" or "bbbb ; aaaa". Both forms of the name will then appear in the Artists category, and drilling down into either aaaa or bbbb will show the same list of songs.


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