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BPM ID3 Tag Support for Poweramp App

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Dear Poweramp Development Team,

 I am reaching out to suggest a new feature that I believe would greatly enhance the functionality of the Poweramp app, especially for users who utilize the app for workout and exercise routines.
I would like to propose the implementation of support for BPM (Beats Per Minute) tags in ID3 version 2.3 and higher within the Poweramp app. This feature would allow users to view BPM information directly within the app interface, making it easier to coordinate workout routines and exercises based on music tempo.

Here are some key aspects of the proposed feature:

1. BPM Tag Display: The Poweramp app should be able to read and display BPM information stored in ID3 tags (under the TBPM key) for mp3 music tracks. This information should be readily visible to users, providing quick access to tempo details.

2. Search Functionality: Users should be able to search for tracks based on BPM values. This would enable them to create playlists or select music tracks suitable for specific workout intensities or tempo requirements.

3. Handling Non-Numeric BPM Values: The feature should be capable of interpreting non-numeric BPM values gracefully. For instance, if a track has no BPM value or if values such as "Intro", "Cooldown" or "Stretch" etc. are specified, the app should handle them appropriately, perhaps by displaying a placeholder or indicating that the BPM information is not available.

By implementing BPM tag support fir mp3 files, Poweramp can cater to fitness enthusiasts who rely on music tempo to synchronize their workout routines effectively.
This feature would not only enhance the usability of the app for fitness purposes but also contribute to a more holistic user experience.

Thank you for considering this feature request.
I believe that incorporating BPM tag support into the Poweramp app would significantly elevate its functionality and appeal to a broader user base.

Best regards,

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