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Keep getting Can't verify Poweramp License when trying to start app. Cause: unknown/unknown.
App worked yesterday. Unlocker and app are both up to date via Play Store.
Other apps I have installed that require unlockers (SD Maid, Nova Launcher, and Titanium Backup) work fine.




version 2




Samsung Galaxy S III

Seems like I'm not the only one with this issue



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I have the same problem. Everything worked well untill today. I've tried the following multiple times (with no succes):


- Clear cache / stop Google Play Store & Google Playstore Framework

- Removed my google account and re-added it again

- Removed Poweramp and the unlocker and reinstalled them

- Cleared cache of Poweramp

- Opened Poweramp 3+ times and closed it by double pressing the back button

- Make sure background data and sync is on & the correct google account is linked


When I open Poweramp a popup inmeddiatly appears stating that my license cannot be verified and the only option is to contact the dev or close Poweramp.


I've purchesed Poweramp through the playstore on 10/16/2012 and untill today it was working fine.

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There seems to be a problem with Power amp unlocker not working when XPrivacy is installed.

If you don't know this is a permissions restriction app that runs under the Closed Framework.

The Poweramp licence app reports that the app is not licenced even when it is.

The discussion is on Github here:


And the author reports it is because he is hooking this function:

http://developer.android.com/reference/android/content/ContentProviderClient.html#query(android.net.Uri, java.lang.String[], java.lang.String, java.lang.String[], java.lang.String)

There are a lot of us users who now can't use Poweramp. Could the dev please take a look and see what he could do?



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This is happening to me as well, ive tried everything possible and im certain its to do with xprivacy. I would tremendously appreciate a fix on this. I really like Poweramp but id prefer my privacy from that nasty Facebook app. Will be switching to google music until this works which is a real shame.

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Here is the thread in the Xprivacy github https://github.com/M66B/XPrivacy/issues/1340#issuecomment-35104351

it seems like this is the problem (post by M66b):


I have bought the Poweramp unlocker and with a few tests I determined that as soon as I hook this function:

http://developer.android.com/reference/android/content/ContentProviderClient.html#query(android.net.Uri, java.lang.String[], java.lang.String, java.lang.String[], java.lang.String)

and even with doing nothing in the hook (an empty function), the unlocker doesn't work anymore.

This means that Poweramp has some method to detect that this function has been hooked.

Seen from the perfective of XPrivacy I cannot do much.
This hook is needed for a lot of restrictions.


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  • Poweramp version and build number: 2.0.9-build-548-play
  • Your device model: Nexus 4 8GB
  • Your Android version: Kitkat 4.4
  • Your Custom ROM name/version: Rooted Stock Rom/Stock Kernel (No sound mods)


I was using Poweramp for a couple of months now, and I had already purchased the unlocker since then.

A few days ago, (maybe after the latest update?), I started having problems with it, each time I run Poweramp, I get the following error, and I can't use Poweramp at all. I emailed you guys with the Play Store Code, but still waiting your reply.

Thanks for a quick reply!



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I am angry. I have paid for Poweramp a long time ago, and i have always had issues with the f****ing verification system.

I love XPrivacy. So now the dev has found a way to make restriction even tighter and which is the only crappy app that fails?


The Poweramp Unlocker. No (let me repeat this), No other app on my phone creates this much fuss and frustration!

And what the f*** i have paid for the frustration to constantly mess around with Poweramps Verification!


If these issues dont get resolved soon i will try all i can to penetrate Google and/or the creator to give me a full refund,

and deinstall the whole app and never use it again.


Don't get me wrong: As great as Poweramp is, as horrible and broken is its Unlocker.


A user does not pay to get more frustration and fuss in his life, he pays to enjoy good software.


The only right decision is, to get rid of this horrible Unlocker: Now and fast!


Compilation of related issues/information:




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Same issue here - http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/5735-xprivacy-and-licence-problem/#entry21871

Its due to XPrivacys Poweramps poorly written Unlocker, which fails as Xprivacy uses a new tighter way of restricting content providers.


No other of my 100+ Apps on my phone has any troubles at all, its just f****ing ridiculous.

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I do share the frustration... I've been a longtime Poweramp user and above all paying CUSTOMER.

You as a company do have the right to protect yourselves from fraud (illegal copies), but we as individuals have the right to protect our privacy at least just as much, or actually no, even more than that.

Your flawed copy protection system would require me to give away all my private details to everyone, just because you seem to be unable to write a proper unlock app ?

I've bought Rocket Music Player in the meantime, as to at least have one valid music player on my device, and guess what, their unlocker works just fine, respecting our need to privacy !!

If privacy wasn't that big of a broad topic, latest NSA scandals should have shown the world how important this in fact actually is.

So please, do respect your paying customer as much as they repected you for buying your software and fix this quickly !


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In my personal view, if I buy an app (or a program for my PC, etc) I should just be able to simply install it and use it, without any internet connection at all if I wish. All this phoning home that software does these days is just one more irritating thing to potentially go wrong IMHO, and sadly all it really does from a user point of view is push people toward piracy. :(


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Separate unlockers are a relic of the time when IAPs were not implemented in the Play Store. Please give us a better option than this unlocker.


As @andrewilley mentioned earlier, our current options are:

  1. to not use XPrivacy at all, which is not acceptable
  2. to use a different music player
  3. to use a pirated version of Poweramp

As a paying customer and as a developer, it pains me to have to resort to #3.

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I have to complain as well.



Shame Poweramp restrictions are hitting legitimate buyers. Could we have an update from the Developer(s) about it?

I don't want to give up neither, Poweramp or XPrivacy - seems, as per XPrivacy investigation that the issue is with PA side.


The checks on PA are too much, to the point they are (or will) start to fuel piracy - as per this example, many people, including those who bought the app will not just want but will HAVE to use pirated version in order for both apps to work. 


Can we please be ensured that Poweramp is going to change restrictions in order for XPrivacy to work?

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We'll try to investigate/add some workaround only if it's possible at all and won't affect negatively our user base (who will probably never use Xprivacy).


BTW, Poweramp checks license shortly after purchase/reinstall and then in caches it forever (until next reinstall/device reset/app data clean up). This means, of you can temporarily disable Xprivacy, unlock, and reenable it.



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We installed Xprivacy, tested with Poweramp and added workaround. This is a build which works for us.



Edited - build 550 includes the fix: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/3189-poweramp-209-build-550-updated-25-feb-2014/


The issue was with extra arguments checking by either Xposed or Xprivacy for that query() method. This is incompatibility with existing Androids, and it hits apps which do such calls from JNI.


Please let us know if it works for you (both in unlocking part and generally, as Xprivacy modifies Android a much).


PS Actually, this sort of things (e.g. ensuring hack/tweak compatibility with 1st and 3rd party apps is a duty of the hack/tweak developers). In this case it was quite easy to add a workaround, some next case/app can be not so lucky.



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