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Found 9 results

  1. I haven't been able to find an answer to this, so apologies if this has been addressed. Why does Poweramp need to verify my purchase through Google Play License Verification when I already have the Poweramp Unlocker installed? I found this out in a very unfortunate way and it disturbed me tremendously. I was in the middle of a trans-atlantic flight while listening to Poweramp when suddenly the music stopped and I received a pop-up message that Poweramp was not able to verify the purchase through Google Play License Verification/APM. I am sure this happened because I was in the air at 38,000 feet and I had the airplane mode turned on to disable any wifi and mobile data services. Anyway, I had the Poweramp Unlocker installed as well, so I am not sure why my license had to be verified online? I thought the purpose of the Poweramp Unlocker was to unlock Poweramp without having the need to verify a license online since I had already paid for it by buying the Unlocker? The reason why I found this most frustrating is that I no longer was able to use Poweramp for the rest of the duration of the trip because I was not able to get any mobile data service until I landed, which was about 5 hours later. I had to resort to the stock player that could not read my Poweramp playlists. I felt like I had paid for the license but was unfairly prevented from using it. So, was it something I missed in the settings to fix this? Or is there another explanation that I am aware of that justifies this? I feel that if Poweramp needs to verify a license through Google Play, that I shouldn't need to have the Unlocker installed or at the very least, it needs to warn you well ahead of time that it needs to verify a license so that someone doesn't get caught off guard and unable to verify their license for hours and therefore lose access to an app they paid for. Well, just wondering - not angry, but just frustrated that I couldn't use it when I really needed it.
  2. I have a new tablet, do I need to buy a new license for it or I can use my current one on a new tablet like on an additional device (hope you understand me..)?
  3. First of all, this is my favorite music player for Android, very feature rich. The simple thing of being able to change folders/albums with a single button next to the track changer is awesome, also to start playing the next album/folder when the one playing ends. I've searched many players that can do this but to no avail. I have question. Can I change the license from Google Play to the e-mail license? I wanna use my phone without Google Play Services (LineageOS) but the only thing stopping me is the Poweramp license.
  4. Hi guys, i wanna to buy Poweramp license but i dont have any way to pay!! i live in "islamic republic iran" and we dont have Any payment method like paypal or master card or more... how can i register a license Otherwise i will be force to use cracks :(
  5. I have a FiiO M6 I want to buy a license. in the description of the non-PlayStore purchase says that it has a limited number of reactivations. What would that limited number look like? I reset it sometimes. Thank you if you can answer my question.
  6. And now Poweramp simply does not start anymore. Other than by saying Failed to verify license. When I was offline, as I am almost allways. So, went online. Tapped on Details: APM response - Bad orderid null. Next tapped on Google Play - Restore Purchase. Now it seems I have to tap on pay in the hope I will not be charged (if I have bought through Google, which I really cannot remember 2,5 years and dozens of purchases later. What should I do? I tried Other Purchasing Methods - Restore Purchase. That leads to the advice to download the non-Play version of Poweramp. I did that, but it lead to a conflict and the advice to uninstall it. Grrrrr!! And I only want access to something I have already payed for.
  7. Buenas tardes soy verificador Beta, tengo el problema que es muy frecuente la verificación de licencia y tengo que desinstalar la versión beta instalar la app y luego actualizar es muy molesto este hecho. Alguna razón para que ocurra esto? La licencia la adquirí mediante la web , gracias
  8. Hi. I purchased the non Google play version some years ago. I update to v3 and i was so happy, but some days ago it told me that can't check my activation, I suppose that is because when it was updated, it was downloaded from Google play. On web the link to download the non Google play v3 is broken, so I can't use my player, now I'm using v2 as always with my activation, but I want to use the v3. Is The APK of v3 no Google play edition on another place? Thanks in advance.
  9. (I contacted support but no answer so I try my luck here) I'm really happy there is an option for a non Google license purchase. However the limitations are quite drastic. - only one device (whereas a lot - unlimited ?- with Google account) but I can live with that. At least 2 (phone + tablet) would be better - The real issue :only 10 activations. Why is that? I reinstall my phone from time to time, try a different rom... If I use all activations, can I contact support to reset them? Thanks for reading !
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