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  1. I do share the frustration... I've been a longtime Poweramp user and above all paying CUSTOMER. You as a company do have the right to protect yourselves from fraud (illegal copies), but we as individuals have the right to protect our privacy at least just as much, or actually no, even more than that. Your flawed copy protection system would require me to give away all my private details to everyone, just because you seem to be unable to write a proper unlock app ? I've bought Rocket Music Player in the meantime, as to at least have one valid music player on my device, and guess what, their unlocker works just fine, respecting our need to privacy !! If privacy wasn't that big of a broad topic, latest NSA scandals should have shown the world how important this in fact actually is. So please, do respect your paying customer as much as they repected you for buying your software and fix this quickly ! JP.
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