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  1. Hey i have HTC u12+ and i have HTC usonic enabled but disabled the noise cancelling .... I have problem on differend Tracks...Some my Bass is perfect other almost gone and sometimes the main music sound from (i hear most hardstyle/hardcore) get reduced in a wired way since the pass does to...then i tryed to go into sound and output....and there i cant figure out why my USB-C headphone works when i either enable only "Kabel/headphones/aux" or "Speakers" or "USB-C" same hoes for when changing between "OpenSL ES-output" or "soundtrackoutput" or "hi-res" When enabling Hi-res and it plays
  2. Ok i have tryed now to change just 1 settings then reboot phone each time and try to hear if it changed. I done that With all settings possible to change in Poweramp and in my phone to...it keeps having that problem abit not much with 2/4k all the way to bottom ...and it also happens just when watching movie over Netflix or Plex but not when using Youtube .....i now installed a new bought Equalizer for android and that reduced it abit more..so now i actually waiting for HTC to contact me since this sounds like a simple android phone setting error made by HTC ...its like when u deactivate in Po
  3. i have t tried with same music track over 40 times and changed every time something also change while it is playing
  4. i found little improvement by reducing eq slider "4k" all easyway down... now most sound 97% clean but it still happens on some tracks.. special when there is shallow bass singing at high note like "s" or long eeee's along sounds like electronic high guitar or piano... almost like the it can not transmit all the sound volume apart. so it maybe takes 2 sounds that normal should play apart as one but instead combines them and then the headphones makes distortion sound caused by overload
  5. Hey i run into a wired issue... I use Poweramp full version since i had my HTC one m7 until now...Best sound ever when listening to Hardstyle/Hardcore techno from Q-dance etc. use as always "techno" equalizer and then bass to 50-60% with extreme bass i ear headphones. and "Tone button and limited are on . al sounds as is should..now ....i got new htc u12+ with HTC usb-c headphones. Now when i play the same mp3 files in highest qvality as before and same settings it does not sound clean at all... When a light high noize/voice is played in the song the headphone does make micros
  6. I started to get wired bug when playing tracks with playtime length of smm around 1 hour. After 10-20 min it suddenly slowing down track speed by 50% I guess and when checking player settings I've dont have enabled track speed function but still it keeps playing show until changing track.. Tried copy the affected tracks to computer and played on different players and there is everything normal... What can reason be?? Hope u find a solution because I have it player since before 2010 and is the best I ever used
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