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Skipping and distortion getting too bad


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The skipping when playing audio tracks and the distortion (a "screeching" sound remotely similar to what happens to speaker phones when a mobile phone is placed next to them) that others have reported in other threads was getting too bad for me so this is a sad day - I decided to de-install Poweramp. This problem was spoiling all the fun because at some point, you start to wait (and dread) the next audio problem instead of listening to what is going on in the music.

So for the time being, no more Poweramp for me. This is a real pity because:

- The sound quality itself (minus the skipping and distortion) was excellent - I am going to miss it.

- I am not sure there is another player out there with replaygain support. This was the main reason for me to choose Poweramp. I love listening to music in shuffle mode, but I cannot stand the constant changes in volume.

I am now back to using the stock player in ICS, listening to albums instead of all tracks in shuffle mode (so I don't have to adjust the volume with every song). I may choose another player with a bit more eye candy and better lockscreen support, but there is no real point in doing that without replaygain support.

I am hoping this bug - which seems to affect some devices running ICS or higher, according to other threads - can be solved soon so I can go back to using Poweramp.

My phone is an LG L7, running ICS with all updates provided by LG.

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I tried the settings suggested above, but no joy. Right now, I am using a different device running Android 2.3, and no problems there so far. However, at some point, I will return to using a phone based on ICS or higher, and it would be great if someone could look into this problem again.

Thanks for your support!

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I agree and having major skipping issues these days. have tried suggested settings and no improvement. have reverted to HTC music player which doesn't skip. Shame as liked power amp interface and balance setting option.

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