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  1. I tried the settings suggested above, but no joy. Right now, I am using a different device running Android 2.3, and no problems there so far. However, at some point, I will return to using a phone based on ICS or higher, and it would be great if someone could look into this problem again. Thanks for your support!
  2. The skipping when playing audio tracks and the distortion (a "screeching" sound remotely similar to what happens to speaker phones when a mobile phone is placed next to them) that others have reported in other threads was getting too bad for me so this is a sad day - I decided to de-install Poweramp. This problem was spoiling all the fun because at some point, you start to wait (and dread) the next audio problem instead of listening to what is going on in the music. So for the time being, no more Poweramp for me. This is a real pity because: - The sound quality itself (minus the skipping and d
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