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  1. Hi Andre! Would like to see bass and treble knobs set by Default to 50%. Spectrum analyzer should be the only plug in as all other are overkill and should be offered in a different package. Loudness button should be added also.
  2. Bass and treble knobs set to 50% as default values. Should have been added along time ago.
  3. I asked it before,and I'll ask for it again. Please make the bass and treble knobs set the 50% as default to flat equalizer setting,like it should have been long time ago,and like any other pro music app in the freaking industry!!
  4. Correct andre,atleast there should be a meter(0-100) for these knobs.
  5. Hi dear max,is it too much to ask for the bass\treble knobs values to be at 50% in flat EQ by default like every other pro audio software on the planet? like in creative panel
  6. Hey max, As an audiophill,you probably should know,that every little movement of the bass/trebel tone knobs,changes The whole soundstage,and a small move can change the sound from good to bad. Can you please add those buttons on each side of the bass and trebel knobs for more accurate sound tunning? So each press will do one step only,or it could be a short press on the knob to one step up,and long press one step down. Please add it,Im willing to pay for it. Thanks in advance Raymond.
  7. Same here... I don't mind this as beats audio is a total crap.
  8. +10 I've been asking this for ages...still nothing...
  9. +1,and a shortcut button that will set bass and treble knobs to 50% each.... developer needs to stay focus and improve the product . seems like they forgot that this is meant to be a top notch music player because now they are busy translating Poweramp to languages nobody speaks. I gave up asking for spectrum analyzer ....
  10. as the title says,Poweramp needs desperately a quick button the will set both bass and treble knobs to half.(50% values ) its really a pain to tune them properly to 50% each. also,spectrum analyzer will be a welcome addition and will make Poweramp look more professional. pleasr add those ASAP. thanks.
  11. this is what happens when the devloper is busy on translation to languages nobody speaks instead of improving the product and the somehow clumsy UI.
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