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Recovering moved files back to playlists

Geo Joseph

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I have some songs in folder "A" and they are included in some playlists. I moved all the songs in "A" to a new directory "B". But now these tracks in playlists show 'Failed to play file'. 

I've done a full rescan of library and the files now showed up in 'recent' but the playlist is still corrupted. Is there any way to resolve the issue with the playlist other than manually re adding all the tracks?


Screenshot : The missing files are the ones with no album art or any metadata. Clicking on them says 'Failed to play file'


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Have you tried the Rescan/Resolve Playlists option in the menu of the Playlists library category?

As long as you have not changed the actual audio filename, or the parent folder name that it is immediately contained within (the rest of the root path layers are ignored) that should find and re-link the moved files.

But clearly Poweramp will never be able to find an audio file that was originally called "/ABBA Favourites/Dancing Queen.mp3" if you have now changed it to "/Swedish Songs/ABBA - Dancing Queen.mp3".

So if you have changed either the actual filename or its immediate parent folder name, you would need to Export the playlist to a physical playlist file (M3U8 format) then edit it in a text editor and use search-and-replace to correct the problem lines so they match with the modified names in your device's storage. Then copy that playlist file into a location that PA is allowed to scan and it will bring it back in again as a new playlist with the found files.


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