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  1. That would be such a powerful enhancement. Speaking of complicated: Those user, who wish to customize their categories, should be prepared to invest additional "brainpower" and manual work for it to accomplish. Regards
  2. Output is Chromecast. Resetting Volume Levels to System Default seems to solve the problem. Once again thanks Andre. Regards
  3. Every time I'm pausing playback the volume is set to the standard volume level of the device. I can't remember that PA behaved like this before. But I'm also not aware where I could have changed something in the settings. Do you have an idea how to avoid this behaviour? Thanks in advance. Regards
  4. Thanks for the productive exchange of views. I think the implementation of a favourite feature as a category would be a really helpful and flexible improvement. Regards
  5. Yes, in the end that's what I want to achieve. But the top-level categories shouldn't be derived from ID3 tags. I only want to have the opportunity to manually group certain genre categories to top-level categories or let's call it "folders" exclusively within PA. These folders only act as system to get access to the (tag-driven) genre categories of my huge music collection in a well-arranged way. Regards
  6. Thanks, Andre, for replying. Following your proposal the overall Genre Pop/Rock would show all albums of the genres Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Rock'n'Roll etc. in a flat list. What I want is the overall Genres (e.g. Pop/Rock or Electronic) to be an additional level, which gives access to the particular genre categories defined by tags (e.g. Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Rock'n'Roll etc.). Perhaps I should have been more precise beforehand. Regards
  7. For the most part the genre tag of my music files is filled with subgenres like for example indie pop, alternative rock, rock'n'roll, downtempo, nu jazz etc. That's why my genre category in PA with about 80 entries is very confusing. A nice solution would be an option to group several (sub-)genres to overall genres and the ability to freely name these overall genres user-defined. This way I could for example define an overall genre Pop/Rock which would contain the genres indie rock, alternative rock, rock'n'roll et al. The overall genres should be made available as separate category in the library menu and would be much more well-arranged like my current genre category. What do you think about it? Regards
  8. Perhaps @maxmp could comment on that, whether Andres' user-defined category customisation feature concept is something he could imagine to implement in the near future or if a individual customisation like implementing a single additional drill-down-level within the category Genre (e.g. Genre|Album artist|Album) has more chances of success. Regards
  9. +1 I hope this will be implemented someday. Regards
  10. The option I'm requesting is especially for Manual Track Change Fading. Songs, whose playback I don't interrupt, don't have to be faded, sure. Regards
  11. I thought only crossfade isn't available for chromecast output because the interface cannot process two songs at the same time. That's why I hoped chromecast would allow the option to only fade out the actual song and afterwards start the next song at normal volume. Regards
  12. Please add the option "Only fade out" in the settings for Manual Track Change Fading, as this would also be applicable for chromecast output. Regards
  13. Indeed shuffled playback of all genre/album artist songs would be my primary use case where the option to remove/move certain songs would definitely add additional benefit. Regards
  14. @andrewilley Thanks Andre for your accurate summary of the recently requested history/now playing feature. One thing I don't agree with is your point about the possibility to edit the list. If we'll be able to see the forthcoming songs, why not give the user the chance to remove any song just from that list or to change the order? In my opinion this wouldn't be opposed to PA's very comfortable 'sorted categories' playback concept but rather enhance it. Regards
  15. I also would prefer a simple horizontal progress bar. Regards
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