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  1. On my tablet folder.jpgs aren't cached permanently. Everytime I enter a folder the images are loading from scratch. My music collection is stored on a SD card. On my smartphone the folder.jpgs are cached correctly. At least the folder.jpgs are shown considerably quicker than on the tablet. The music collection of the smartphone is stored on a SD card too. One difference to my tablet is the less higher resolution of the folder.jpgs. But there is also a known issue with the tablet handling the SD card. Because of this issue I'm not able to set albumart images manually through PA for example, even though PA has the permission to read and write to the SD card. Deleting songs through PA curiously is'nt a problem. I'm wondering if there is a way to store the folder.jpgs on the internal storage like it's managed for the genre images with the following folder: .../Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/selected_genre/ Kind regards
  2. That's a great idea. But perhaps the size of the "thumbnail" should be adjustable in some way. Kind regards
  3. This enhancement would be great. Kind regards
  4. I'm fine with the standard behaviour when opening a category in the library. What I miss is a single gesture or button which allows me to return from the main player screen to the folder, album or artist etc. I browsed to in the library before switching to the main player screen. Kind regards
  5. Thanks for the clarification. Kind regards
  6. I still don't understand how you manage it to show the list of the shuffled tracks after you started playback by tapping on a particular song from a specific folder and then choosing 'Shuffle Songs' in the main player screen. Or does this only exist for the approach Library > All songs > Shuffle? Kind regards
  7. No, in the situation I described I don't trigger a new playback. I just switch to the main player screen manually i.e. to see how much time is left before the next track starts automatically. To return to the previous browsed location in my library I have to navigate again all the way down through the folder hierarchy. Kind regards
  8. I don't know, if I understood your approach. Are you starting the playback of a whole folder by clicking on the play icon on the top of the appropriate folder level and afterwards activating the shuffle mode "Shuffle songs" in the main player screen? That almost matches with my own approach. The only difference is, that I directly click on the shuffle button on the top of the appropriate folder level. But anyway if I do this I'm not able to switch to a shuffled list of all songs from main player screen. If I swipe down in the main player screen PA switches to the folder/album of the actual track. The only alternative approach I see now, is to add the desired folders to the queue and re-sort the queue by random sort. That however means a few more steps. Thanks Andre for helping me to identify this alternative approach.
  9. Thanks Andre for answering. Maybe I described my request misleading. If I browse through my library/categories/folder hierarchy during an active playback in search of a possible track/artist/album to choose next and open the main screen for some reason, then there is no option to quickly return to the position/location of the last browsed category/folder. It would be nice to execute this action by i.e. tapping the back action button or swiping up on the album art. Kind regards
  10. Nice to know. Thanks Andre. Unfortunately I'm not able to start playback in "All Songs" in folder hierarchy view. Even though my vast music collection is tagged well, it's uncomfortable to use genre category because it lists only albums instead of album artists. I hope this will be customizable soon. Kind regards
  11. I would like PA to remember the last position in library before switching to main screen. To go back to the appropriate position in library (folder/album/album artist etc.) I would suggest an additional gesture (swiping up) or usage of the back button. Kind regards PS: If such an option already exists in settings, please give me a hint!
  12. I would appreciate the option to read through the history of playback? I'm often using shuffle mode to let PA "discover" whole genres/folders/artists' discographies for me and I would welcome the possibility to check the title of an unknown track in a playback log file, if I wasn't able to have a look on the player screen before the next track started. Kind regards
  13. This feature would be very appreciated.
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