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  1. Indeed I found additional "hidden" power optimization options, which I adjusted for PA and Google Home App. But nevertheless PA is still being killed after a while if streaming via chromecast.
  2. Thank you for your hint. I will try to identify additional options to adjust my phones power saving settings for Poweramp. Frindelyke groeten
  3. It seems to occur especially when I'm streaming local content from Poweramp via chromecast.
  4. I don't know for sure. At least I get the following notification: Poweramp has detected it was killed during an active playback...
  5. Poweramp is being killed frequently and exclusively while streaming via chromecast, even though battery saver and task killer are disabled. Poweramp build number: v3-build-860-arm64-play [860004-ced9bb1], device model: Huawei P9 EVA-L09, Android version: 7.0
  6. I agree that a fully user-customisable category system would be the best solution. I just want to attach importance to this request ... and - I hope I don't sound rude - but I don't want to wait another 8 years. 😉
  7. The ability to apply crossfading and EQ presets for streams via Chromecast would be awesome. Both are features which let PA standing out from other mobile music player apps, therefore not being available for streaming via chromecast is sad.
  8. The possibility to access my vast music collection in a comfortable way is an essential ability a music player app should meet. That's why I requested several times the genre/album_artist/albums sorting feature when I purchased PA in 2012. Furthermore the forum is full of requests of other users which draw attention on this missing feature. Having to read that this is not even on maxmp's short-term to-do-list is really disappointing.
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