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  1. It seems like it's not supported for M4A files. Nevertheless I got it to work in PA with the // separator (with the disadvantage that in my foobar2000 library these concatenated entries now represent completely new genres (e.g. Electropop // Synth Pop)). But I think I can live with that. Thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks for testing, Andre. I tried re-tagging the two albums with foobar2000 once again and did a full rescan but it didn't work. While trying to re-tag the files with the Linux software exfalso I got an error message that the selected files don't support multiple entries in the field genre. M4a files with a single genre tag do show correctly in PA. Regards
  3. It seems that PA doesn't parse multiple genres in m4a files. I have added multiple genres to different albums of m4a files in foobar2000. In the music library of foobar2000 the genres are shown correct. But in PA the same albums have no genres and are listed under "unknown genre". Regards
  4. Curious. In Foobar2000 I set semicolon as separator. That's why I interpreted the resulting colon in the genre tag in PA just as an indicator that the multiple genres cannot be parsed correctly. Anyway. Adding colon in Settings > Library > Scanner > "Symbols to Split Multiple Genres" solved my problem. Thanks, Andre, for your hint to this simple solution. Regards
  5. No, unfortunately that wasn't just a typo. Regards
  6. I do have inserted semicolons in the genre tags, but even after a full rescan PA doesn't recognize it as separator. Regards
  7. Is there an solution for this issue? For me it still exists under PA v3 build 893. I have many audio files tagged with multiple genres via foobar2000, which uses the standard semicolon as separator. In PA settings I have set ; as symbol to split multiple genres. Nevertheless PA lists the particular audio files under newly generated genres like Blues Rock:Southern Rock instead of listing them under the existing genres Blues Rock and Southern Rock. Regards
  8. I experienced audio stuttering and playback cut-offs also for a long time. After changing the sample rate in the chromecast settings to 44.1 khz the problems seem to be solved. All my chromecast speakers and the android device are connected to the 5 ghz wifi. Regards
  9. ... or opens a artists entry on Wikipedia would be very nice. Regards
  10. Any news about the implementation of the user-customisable category system to enable browsing within genres by subcategories of album artist/artist? Regards
  11. Support for upnp/dlna would be great since streaming of local content directly from the phone via chromecast isn't stable. Kind regards
  12. On my tablet folder.jpgs aren't cached permanently. Everytime I enter a folder the images are loading from scratch. My music collection is stored on a SD card. On my smartphone the folder.jpgs are cached correctly. At least the folder.jpgs are shown considerably quicker than on the tablet. The music collection of the smartphone is stored on a SD card too. One difference to my tablet is the less higher resolution of the folder.jpgs. But there is also a known issue with the tablet handling the SD card. Because of this issue I'm not able to set albumart images manually through PA for example, eve
  13. That's a great idea. But perhaps the size of the "thumbnail" should be adjustable in some way. Kind regards
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