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  1. I was able to solve the problem by uninstalling PA. After reinstalling PA and restoring all genre image files manually to Android/data/com.maxmpz.Poweramp/files/selected_genre on the internal storage all genre images are shown within PA like it used to be. @andrewilley While reinstalling PA again the folder com.maxmpz.Poweramp was automatically generated without underscore. Regards
  2. Thanks Andre. I'm very excited about this one. Regards
  3. Could this be implemented for all different kind of All songs lists e.g. All album artist songs and All genre songs? Regards
  4. What about a new menu page, where you can pin to your favorite genres, playlists, album artists or whatsoever for quick access. This page could be made accessible through a button next to the four square button on the bottom bar. Regards
  5. Now I created manually the folders _com.maxmpz.audioplayer/selected_genre under Android/data on the internal memory and inserted a genre.jpg. PA doesn't pick this genre.jpg by itself and if I try to set the image manually for any genre in PA nothing happens. Before I applied some symbols to split multiple artists everything was fine. Regards
  6. My device OS is Android 10 and the data of PA is stored under Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer. On my device this folder doesn't exist with a underscore at the beginning. I forced the application to close. Next time I started the application the problem still existed. Regards
  7. Thanks, Andre, for replying. Genres are already split since a few month. The jpegs names match exactly with the genre names and special characters are replaced by underscores as well. On my filesystem a hidden folder _com.maxmpz.audioplayer doesn't exist. Regards
  8. Yesterday I applied some symbols to split Multiple Artists in PA build 901 and did a full rescan afterwards. This caused about half of my genres to lose their images even though they are still stored under com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/selected_genre. Trying to set the image for one single genre manually didn't change the stored genre image but overwrote the image in the folder selected_genre with a blank image like @Absinthequ described in the following thread for the categories Artist and Composer: Is there a solution for this bug? Regards
  9. I just realised, that the ability to manually hide entities within the category composer would allow me to list only classical composer in a clean list, as the composer tag isn't systematically filled for pop and rock music. This would be nice too. Regards
  10. Thanks, Andre, for the clarification. I would like to be able to tidy up the categories album artists and genre, which act as starting point for browsing through my huge library. The possibility to manually hide certain Album artists or genres, which contain only one or two albums would make these categories much more well-arranged. Regards
  11. Will this option be implemented also for album artists? Will I be free to choose manually which album artist to hide and which not? Regards
  12. No. Symbols to Split Multiple Artists is set to 'None'. Regards
  13. @andrewilley For me only Album artist category is affected. The categories All Songs, Recently Added, Recently Played and Most Played behave as usual. Regards
  14. Perhaps it's not the exactly same what has been requested here, but I'm also not completely satisfied with the fading options in PA. What I'm missing is the option to set Manual Track Change Fading to Only Fade out. If I understand correctly it should also be possible to apply this to chromecast output. Regards
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