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The Poweramp can't play specific AAC files


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Version Info ======================

Build: Poweramp build-977-uni full verified cached
Store: RuStore
Arch: 64
Skin: ActivityTheme_White
Device: HUAWEI STG-LX1 STG HWSTG-Q STG-L21 [arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, armeabi]
Installer: null



Attached AAC file cannot be played by the Poweramp.


"Failed to play file!"

The same file can be played by default android and Huawei musical players.

Also there is no issue playing this file on a PC.

What is the issue cause?


Track 09.aac

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That file plays inconstantly across my various PC players, particularly with regard to duration-related features (it seems to be a VBR file with no specified duration data), and not at all in Poweramp. Max will be able to say more though as to whether the file is badly encoded, and if so whether he can devise a work-around if there are more like it in the wild.


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When I tried, VLC played the file but had trouble calculating its end-time (the duration kept jumping). Foobar2000 played it but could not seek at all (again, I suspect duration issues).

The file is definitely not quite standard (insofar as Apple's AAC format has any documented standard anyway) but Max would be better placed to say why and hopefully create a word-around.


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How do I convert an ADTS file to MP3?

Use VLC to open and convert ADTS files. Select Media > Convert/Save > Add > find the ADTS file to convert > Open > Convert/Save. From the Convert dialog box, choose MP3 for the conversion format > set a destination for the converted file > and click Save > Start.

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By pure coincidence I got a similar file earlier today when I was trying to extract a radio stream url. So basically this is what you get when you capture a stream to disk. 

I'm not a developer and what I have been commenting on is your file which is a adts file and not a plain aac file. 

Poweramp uses the ffmpeg library to decode files for playback, I had a very quick look at it and I'm not sure if it's supporting adts.

This looks pretty much like what you see when you capture video streams which are often in some stream transport format and must be re-muxed into a normal mp4 container better suitable for local playback. 

My strong recommendation is that you use VLC and convert the file to AAC, should be lossless as the audio stream in the adts file is AAC.

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Both files are adts format, and simply stored in an aac container. While neither are typical aac files, there seems to be enough info in the second file to play that doesn’t exist in the first example.

I guess the bigger question is what the original source was for these files. If possible I would try to get these in a more widely usable type for players to be able to use. Poweramp is designed first and foremost as a local music player. 

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@ufedor thanks for the file. Large id3v2 image caused adts desync. I added support for raw aac files with id3v2 tag like this to the next build. You can make it playable in the current Poweramp builds by removing album art images or for example, changing it to somewhat else (currently the image takes 5mb of 8.9 mb aac file and is not that high quality anyway, but it's not the most extreme case I've seen).

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