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DVC, Is it best to keep on? and what output setting is best for standard music files m4a and aac


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Hello there,

Been using Poweramp for quite a while now. Loving the recent update and features. 

My question is on DVC and output settings. I currently use an LG V60 phone and this phone has 3D sound app similar to dolby atmos.  I use it for that 3D sound effect which I prefer with music and watching videos.   I have stereo expand in Poweramp at %100, I personally like that feature when listening to music.

I listen to mp3 320kbs and m4a 256kbs files

I always kept DVC on with previous devices, I noticed that it sounds quieter when turned off.  I use AAudio output. 

1. Does DVC maintain high sound quality, should I keep it on and can I use it whilst 3D sound app is on?

2. And should I continue to use AAudio output instead of other settings like Hi-res, considering I listen to standard files mp3 and m4a only.

Just making sure for better listening experience.

Please advise and thankyou.

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