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Hi-Res Output Has Broke


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So I just got the new android one UI 6 update, and ever since then everytime I try hi-res output it just says something like "failed going to default" and forces me to use openSL. no clue if this is commonly reported or anything, sorry.

my phone model is sm a536u, android version is 14 and Poweramp build is in the picture


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@kissarmyonline  I've just checked with the latest OneUI update on my A54 and it seems like they have not fixed the high-res issue. I'm not sure if @maxmp has been able to replicate the issue and find a work-around from the Poweramp side as yet.

I suggest using AAudio Output, rather than the Experimental High-Res feature.


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@andrewilley Thank you very much for your response, I hope they solve it as soon as possible because although with the AAUDIO output I can continue enjoying my library, the truth is that I do notice a difference with the experimental HI-RES output and I like the way it sounds better... greetings from México!!

ps. sorry for my english, but i tried to be clear...

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Hi-Res output uses the approach which can be easily broken (forever or until some future update) in the particular OEM firmware. Successfully, Poweramp supports multiple ways to output Hi-Res audio:

- (basic) AudioTrack now supports hi-res sample rates and formats for Bluetooth (LDAC) and some USB outputs - usually on modern Androids (13+, earlier for some OEMs)
- on recent firmwares (Android 13/14) AAudio Output supports everything that Hi-Res output supports for the older devices, but in a bit more stable way
- even super-stable OpenSL is capable for Hi-Res output on some recent Androids (Pixels/some mid and high-end Samsungs)

3.5 output usually doesn't work with AudioTrack/OpenSL in Hi-Res, but 3.5 output is just missing on modern Android phones anyway.

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