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Lockscreen stops Poweramp

Go to solution Solved by vetdoctor,

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Reboot phone

1. Start Poweramp and play music

2. Press powerbutton to lock screen- it works fine

3. Press powerbutton to unlock screen- it works fine

Wait three days or so

1. Start Poweramp and play music

2. Press powerbutton to close screen- Poweramp stops playing

(I can pull down the notification shade and  hit the Poweramp play button without unlocking the phone, or, if a bluetooth is connected, use that to restart)

3. press powerbutton to unlock phone, on unlocking the phone, Poweramp stops


Reboot phone- it all works as expected.



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If Poweramp is not being force-closed when this issue occurs (which would clear the log) could you use PA Settings=>Get Support=>Send Log to email a logfile to gpmaxmpz@gmail.com. Also send a message to @maxmp to say where you've sent it from so he can watch for it. 

I'm assuming nothing else is sending commands by the way, which you could check by looking at PA Settings=>Headset/Bluetooth=>Last Processed Commands after the issue occurs. But it does sound very much like some over-zealous optimisation happening.


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Andre, thanks for checking, I looked and it's default.

Sprille I tried that and I thought it worked but then just back to cutting off.

Mpmax I tried the app but it was just to ensure that the battery settings were not cutting the app off. It showed that it was running at 100%.


With some other checking I realized that none of the other music apps on my phone have the same problem: Pocket cast, Spotify, Samsung music player, VLC player, all of them work.


I don't know if it's relevant to note that Poweramp shuts off when I unlock the phone also.

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