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Poweramp and wireless Android Auto


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My car has Android Auto installed, which I access via my Samsung S22 Ultra phone wirelessly - I can use a cable connection, but this is far less convenient, and the wireless mode works perfectly.

My music player on my phone is Poweramp, which is an app which Android Auto fully supports, and the integration works really well.

However, just recently, I have experienced the following somewhat annoying issue:

Android Auto on my car had always connected to my phone within a few seconds of me getting into the car and switching on the ignition/start. This would be confirmed on the car's screen by the Android Auto icon, which would allow me access to the app, and all its possibilities, including the music player, which, in my case is Poweramp.

Now, however, the initial connection between phone and car initially cause Poweramp to start playing briefly on my phone, but not through the car's stereo system. It lasts just a few seconds, but is at quite a high volume. Once the link between car and phone is properly established, things return to normal!

Of course, Android Auto, has its own internal settings, which include start-up etc, but I have aimed to set everything to stop it playing music until I select this.

Poweramp does mention Android Auto in its settings, and again I have tried to switch anything off which might cause this to happen, but I just can't seem to find the right option to deselect, among Poweramp's settings!

Android Auto utilizes both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to work, and I believe that for the majority of things, Bluetooth suffices, but to play back music with sufficient bandwidth to achieve the highest possible quality, Wi-Fi is the required medium

Any help or suggestions would be gratefully appreciated. Not life-threatening, but just a tad annoying! 


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The audio content generally goes via Bluetooth, I think the wired (or in your case, I believe wireless connected via a dongle?) is only used for AA screen update info, etc. It sounds like BT is connecting before the full AA link via the USB port / dongle has established. Does the same happen if you use a normal wired USB connection, with the wi-fi connection turned off?

You could try different output methods for BT (assuming the audio is actually going via BT, Audio Info could tell you that) and also PA Settings=>Audio=>Advanced Tweaks=>Force Speaker Off (which is mainly aimed at High-Res Output, but might help)


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