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  1. I messed with Android Auto and Poweramp today a little and what I found was if you click on Android Auto and play Poweramp it defaults to speaker connection. However I can use Chromecast for YouTube Music in AA. I can't seem to use Chromecasting for Poweramp in AA. But if I get out of Android Auto and use the media source connection on the car panel and select bluetooth, it switches to BT on the Hi-Res Output and plays Poweramp using that which IMO sounds so much better than the Speaker. When I connect with AA I dont get an option to select Media output in PA. It's kinda weird and quirky but I guess it's fine. If I want decent sound (better than speaker) I can play through BT in Hi-Res output. Thanks again for everyone's input.
  2. Thank you for the replies everyone! I will take a screenshot sometime today and upload. I'm not having connectivity issues I was more curious than anything.
  3. Interesting, so you're saying once you wirelessly connect through BT with Android Auto it then goes to a wireless connection? what kind of connection is that though? I would've assumed it's BT throughout. or am I misunderstanding you saying that it connects to a different type of BT?
  4. I have selected Hi-Res Output and it defaults to Speaker as Active selection instead of Bluetooth is what I meant to say, not stereo. If I disable Speaker in the Hi-Res output it picks OpenSL ES output which I'm assuming is the default, and in there too it defaults to Speaker instead of Bluetooth. So far what all I've tried it never picks Bluetooth in any of the Audio Outputs, it's always Speaker as active. That's what I found strange since I'm connecting to Android Auto through Bluetooth.
  5. Thank you for the quick reply, I should've figured the OS would assign the current live output device. I'm just surprised it picked the stereo instead of BT.
  6. I have a follow up question of sorts regarding connectivity with Android Auto and Poweramp. I have a 2024 Subaru Outlook that connects to Android Auto wirelessly via bluetooth and I see that Poweramp outputs the audio through speaker instead of bluetooth. I would've thought it would default to bluetooth. Is there anyway I can force connectivity through BT in the app? I have a Samsung Note 20 Ultra which has no problem connecting via bluetooth to several other devices. Forgot to add I'm on the beta builds 978-981
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