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No audio when Hi-Res Output is activated on LG V60


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So today I noticed that when I have Hi-Res Output activated for wired headset on my LG V60 there is absolutely no audio. No matter what I do to the settings no music plays when I choose to enable Hi-Res Output in the Poweramp settings.


Build 866

LG V60 (V600TM10i)

Android 10

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Yes, that did nothing. the only options I can turn on to get audio are OpenSL ES Output and AudioTrack Output. If I have OpenSL ES Hi-Res Output Activated I get no audio from Poweramp at all. Not on wired or wireless connection.

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Yeah I've tried every setting. I even made sure Hi-Res Output still works on my V30 and V40, which are on 866 as well. I played other apps and got audio while Poweramp was active so it's not the phone.

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In case you all haven't had the fix for your V60 this is what the folk at Poweramp advised.

I was very disappointed when I changed from my Lg V40 to LG V60.

The problem seemed to be Android 10. Within 2 days of receiving the LG V60, the Android 10 update landed for my V40.

Until then, the V40 sounded great on Android 9, so I suspected the issue was with Android 10.

The solution is quite simple. Uninstall Poweramp free version and the unlocker(Purchased).

Reboot the phone. Re-install both the free player and then the Unlocker.

Go to settings in Poweramp /Library and re-install your music.

Worked for me on Both phones.

The V60 sounds the best to my ears. I have the V20, V30+ and V40.

The new ESS9219 chip in the V60 is the BOSS!

Hope that this resolves the issue for you.




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