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  1. It used to sample 32bit 384khz when I listen to my DSD files now it just samples them at 24bit 192khz. I tried restoring the audio settings but that didn't do anything.
  2. My apologies completely forgot about that. It doesn't give me any errors. Yes I'm still using the unlocked version.
  3. @maxmp Poweramp is failing to activate 32bit on LG V60 after Android 11 update. When I use hires out it just uses 24bit and doesn't use 32bit anymore. LG V60 Android 11 Build 899
  4. @maxmp Thank you so much My V60 is now able to use Hi-Res Output @Joe Gent @traviswhayne give it a try
  5. @maxmp still no luck with Hi-Res Output LG V60 Snapdragon 865 Android 10 (Stock) Build 869 I also noticed for some reason the Hi-Res Out sample automatically sets to 16bit 48khz no matter what options I set.
  6. @maxmp nothing works. As long as I have Hi-Res Output activated in Poweramp I get no audio from Poweramp on my LG V60.
  7. Yes but when I have Hi-Res Output activated I get absolutely no audio from Poweramp. I made a post in the bug thread and @andrewilley suggested I make a post here
  8. Yeah I've tried every setting. I even made sure Hi-Res Output still works on my V30 and V40, which are on 866 as well. I played other apps and got audio while Poweramp was active so it's not the phone.
  9. Yes, that did nothing. the only options I can turn on to get audio are OpenSL ES Output and AudioTrack Output. If I have OpenSL ES Hi-Res Output Activated I get no audio from Poweramp at all. Not on wired or wireless connection.
  10. So today I noticed that when I have Hi-Res Output activated for wired headset on my LG V60 there is absolutely no audio. No matter what I do to the settings no music plays when I choose to enable Hi-Res Output in the Poweramp settings. Build 866 LG V60 (V600TM10i) Android 10
  11. Was finally able to upgrade to 857 bug is now fixed thank you.
  12. After the new year update when I select Album Artists the list shows the standard Poweramp icon image for the the artist image. This issue does not come up when I select artists, albums or all songs. I've tried Rescan and Full Rescan, neither fix the issue. I know I can just use the other options but I prefer this option for my compilations. Poweramp V3 build 856 LG V30 Android 9
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